HIMYM: How About That Ending?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 7.11 “The Rebound Girl”

Wow. I don’t know where to start with this episode. Of course, the ending is what comes to mind, but perhaps I should start somewhere else.

I actually enjoyed this episode. Sure, Lily and Marshall’s episode was a bit of a bore, but in good HIMYM fashion, we had that great moment where they returned from Long Island only to discover that their apartment had shrunk. It was just a great use of HIMYM‘s talents, especially when Marshall was trying to push the turkey through the teeny door, only to have Lily compare it to her own upcoming labor. It was a nice way to play with the set and cast, and I enjoyed it.

As for the entire part regarding their possible move, well, I have little to say about that. I did find it interesting that in this episode, where Lily and Marshall might move out of New York, Ted also referenced his home that he bought seasons ago out of the city as well. While I’m sure that’s not close to being finished, it really did make you remember that these people are growing up and they’ll be moving on at some point. I certainly hope it doesn’t happen, but it just well may.

Which leads to Barney’s own confession of giving marriage and children a shot. I have to say, the Barney/Ted dynamic is a great one, and we don’t see it all too often, since they’re usually surrounded by at least one other friend. But last night’s episode really reminded me of the Ted/Barney decision that they should open a bar — and then tried on “Three Days of Snow.” They just get so excited. I love it.

Of course, the fact that it was about a baby was a little silly. But it was entertaining to watch. The fact that they actually went to the point of filling out an application. That was great. Really, in this episode, it was the little things.

Until the end, when one big thing happened. Robin told Barney she was pregnant. No wonder she didn’t want Lily and Marshall to leave. Her camping in the bathroom did have a bigger reason behind it, as Marshall identified. But it wasn’t until Barney arrived that we understood.

Did I see it coming? No way. It’s certainly a twist that I didn’t think HIMYM would do, but for a character like Robin, it’s huge. And, of course, we’re all wondering, who’s the father? Is it Kevin? Barney? Barney and Robin only slept together once this season, and while it was only two weeks ago for us, I’m not sure how long ago it was in their timeline. We could very well have a baby Barney.

I have no idea where this will take us. I was a bit blindsided, as I’m sure both Barney and Robin were. I think I was mostly blindsided because this doesn’t seem to be the kind of show that would toss that in there. Can you really see two babies next season — Lily’s and Robin’s? I could see Marshall and Lily and their crazy antics after a baby, but two changes everything.

So what do you think? Will Robin be Barney’s foreshadowed bride — all because of a baby? Or will their story have a different story?

And who’s the father?


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