Commercial Rant: Crazy Target Lady

Oh dear God, it’s back.

I should say “she” but I do mean “it.” The entire commercial series is back, featuring that crazy Target lady in red.

Here’s the commercial I saw a mere day ago. Disclaimer: This might be the version from 2010, but all that’s changed is the opening time (if that).

I had honestly blocked these commercials out of my memory. I think they’re supposed to be funny, but instead, they’re absolutely horrendous. There’s something about this woman. Something about the fact that she speaks (grunts? yelps?) like an old lady, but she has a tweenage hairstyle. The body suit makes her look like she’s supposed to be 60, but her face looks decades younger. Honestly, I just can’t identify what age she’s supposed to be. Plus, that body suit that is grotesque. When she’s lifting the baskets, it’s just disgusting.

I’m sorry if it’s offensive that I find it disturbing to look at, but since I think they dressed her like this to be comedic in the first place, I must reiterate that it’s an epic fail.

Plus, she’s obnoxious. With her facial expressions and stupid screams. Thinking this woman is the type of person that would be at Target on Black Friday makes me want to stay home until Christmas (and it’s not even like I could buy on the web, since their website sucks).

Did anyone like this commercial last year? I’m really surprised we’re seeing it again, as everyone I talked to groaned about it. Perhaps Target’s spending too much money fixing their own website than putting forth the effort for decent advertising.

Between the choice of reuse or no ads, Target, I’d go with no ads. This woman is gross.


21 thoughts on “Commercial Rant: Crazy Target Lady

  1. Yes, yes, yes, many times yes. I hate this commercial so much. That red body suit is just… ugh. When she’s running with the parachute behind her? Yikes.

  2. This woman is so hideous, and represents an embarrassment to a company that has spent years trying to create a cool image in front of a basic discount retail. And, like always, I’ve noticed that our share of wallet has moved away from this confused retailer. Target…you missed the mark.

  3. You guys are way off the mark! These commercials are hilarious in their sheer stupidity! There are absolutely people out there who put a lot of effort into Black Friday shopping. No, not exercising but really planning for their shopping trip and getting excited about the deals. That’s what makes these funny. Frankly, I wish I had her motivation to “train” for anything!

  4. I think it’s friggin’ hilarious. I crack up every time I see that neurotic ding-bat with her Thelma Flintstone pearls… lol….

  5. Is she trying to be like Barbara Jean from “Reba”? There is only one Barbara Jean.

  6. I think these commercials are just parody and we need some comic relief from the Xmas rush to buy, buy, buy. These commercials are clever and funny. I also say “lighten up”. I usually am very critical of media as I teach high school and see the effects on our kids. Rihanna singing about being lied to and burned up by Eminem is much more destructive. I know they say it is a”metaphor” but, come on. Also my students were telling me about a new video game where dogs are tortured.(?) That is something to worry about. Anyone know the name of it. The kid that was promoting it to other students worries me.

  7. I have heard about a video game of dog fighting? Maybe it’s the one the student was referring to. Sick stuff. Right up there with online hunting. Please… the crazy target chick is about one of the last things people should get bent up about. Life’s too short not to laugh at silly stuff.

  8. This Crazy Target Christmas Lady is funny.

    Lighten up, and go with the flow, she’s comic relief.

  9. You need to look on the light side of things…..the commercial worked because you remember what it’s for…..

  10. these commercials are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hands down. She is so goofy she makes my day when I see these.

  11. I think she is hysterical. I hate commercials unless they have kids or animals, but this one is so great that I’m sorry it’s after Black Friday. Without a lot of words she epitomizes that holiday hysteria we all feel.

  12. Unfortunately my Thanksgiving wish did not come true. I scanned the news sites and there was no mention of her dying in a fiery crash.

    Yeah, ha ha y’all, that was a joke. “Lighten up.”

  13. I personally dislike the crazy woman ads. I also do not think they are funny. Target used to have fabulous advertising, but they lost the genius behind those ads to a competitor. The bottom line is these “new ads” do not make me want to shop target.

  14. I find these Target ads not only objectionable from the standpoint of being incredibly annoying, I find them denigrating to women in general. Target seems to be showing women as only interested in holiday shopping as a contact sport. It sends a message that the holidays are insanely frantic and not enjoyable.

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