The Good Wife: “I Feel Like Hugging You”

THE GOOD WIFE: 3.08 “Death Row Tip”

Oh man. Oh man oh man. I asked for more Kalinda and I definitely got it with this most recent episode, where Kalinda not only stepped up to help Will in his hour of need, but she met/flirted shamelessly with/possibly set up a love triangle with ASA Dana Lodge. And oh yeah, she kissed Cary after he threw himself over her in a hail of gunfire. Cary was like, “What are we doing?” And Kalinda was like, “I have no idea.” And I was like, “NEITHER DO I!!!!” But more on that later…

This review focuses on the developing relationships in the show because “Death Row Tip” was just jam-packed with them. That’s not to say the case of the week wasn’t compelling. Alicia worked tirelessly to reunite a death row convict with his family before his execution, and his final malicious attack on them was like a punch to the gut. Alicia always seems to be relearning the lesson that people can be monsters, and Julianna’s talent really shows in those moments.

Now, folks have been batting around the idea of a Kalinda/Cary pairing since the spaghetti-hydrogen conversation way back in Season 1, and it seems like the writers have decided to explore the possibility. I have to say, I like Cary so much more now than I ever did back then, and would even argue that he is one of, if not the most morally upright character on the show. Of course, it’s easier for him to pursue the truth since he’s prosecuting and not defending. That’s all to say I am not the lesbian who only wants Kalinda to end up with women (though I LOVE when she does).

However, I think if Kalinda and Cary ever try to take their relationship to a more emotional place, they’re going to fail spectacularly. Cary needs a girlfriend. Kalinda needs to get a grip on who she is in the wake of the Alicia fallout. I don’t see Cary helping her on that front. In any case, Dana, Cary, and Kalinda gave us a lot of steaminess on screen, and I’ll never turn that down. Dana seems like she can more than handle Kalinda’s particular brand of evasiveness. Bring it, Good Wife writers! I want to see what twisted web you’re weaving.

Another new possible pairing was hinted at with Marissa Gold and Zach Florrick. Jackie suspects something’s brewing there, and she’s not the only one. I guess I can get behind it if it means I never have to see hide nor hair of Becca ever again.

Despite my conviction that pro bono guy Justin Coyne was being set up as a romantic possibility for Diane, they were all business this episode. I’m still holding on to hope that something will come of their chemistry besides victories in the courtroom.

Noteworthy (but superficial) moments: Photos of a politician servicing Santa Clause! This subplot was hysterical, and served to set up Eli’s future conflict when ex-wife Vanessa runs against the candidate. My only complaint: we didn’t get to see more of Mickey Gunn’s incredible sock collection.

Jackie snooped through Alicia’s lingerie and then couldn’t figure out how to turn on her computer. At first I was enraged, and then I had a mighty chuckle. Never change, Jackie.

Also, Grace’s tutor was back, covered in body paint. Jackie always gets the best “opening the door” gags, doesn’t she? Remember the African headdress?

Next week: In “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” Wendy Scott Carr is back and coming after Will. Diane corners Will and tells him to stop sleeping with Alicia. And Amy Sedaris (!) will be introduced as Eli’s competition. Whoa, Nelly. DRAMA!

Bonus Material: Monica Raymund (Dana Lodge) sings “I Like Girls.” She’s a double threat, ya’ll!


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