Ringer: Charlie Gets Found Out

RINGER: 1.09 “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna”

Before I get to the show review, can we just take a moment and discuss these awful episode titles for this show? For a thriller, why are we choosing the stupidest names? Even Terra Nova and Secret Circle have better names, and neither one claims to be a “thriller.” I mean, “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna”? “Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?” These are ridiculous.


The big reveal of Charlie’s role in this entire “thriller” has been expanded. We’ve finally found out why Bridget ran in the first place — only to discover that Charlie paid a guy to get her to New York. Which was all requested by the real Siobhan. Charlie isn’t even his real name. It’s John. So we might now know the who’s and what’s, but we certainly don’t know yet the why’s. What is Siobhan doing?

It could be about her paranoia that we’ve just discovered Siobhan supposedly has. Now, I’m not saying this isn’t true, but the Siobhan we’re seeing in France certainly looks cool, calm, and collected. Either someone was after her and he’s taken care of so she’s fine, or she was never paranoid at all.

But Malcolm is — and he has a right to be. He was the one who put two and two together and figured out that Charlie isn’t who he says he is. First, that he’s not a recovering alcoholic. Next, that he’s not Charlie at all. Kudos to Malcolm. (You know, he’s doing pretty well considering that he hasn’t had heroin in six days. In fact, he seems to have fixed that wee addiction problem faster than the wounds on his head have healed. That’s not at all unrealistic.)

And then there was the big reveal. Gemma is alive, tucked away in Charlie/John’s basement. I saw this coming. I’ve watched enough soap operas and McGuyver to realize that if you can’t find a body, there’s a good chance someone’s not dead. Plus, Charlie/John was very careful however he worded that act with the real Siobhan. I’m a little disappointed, though. It’s not that I want Gemma dead, but it’d certainly be more of a “thriller” if she were. What’s the purpose of keeping her alive? She knows too much — both about Bridget and Charlie/John — and if you need to shut her up, why do it in a basement? The strategy makes no sense to me. It really just feels like a faulty plan that is only being used so the writers can later have her escape and tell Bridget everything. It’s a plot device that is kinda lame.

But I do want to know what Bridget will do next now that she knows Charlie/John can’t be trusted. And how Siobhan reacts. What do you think will happen?


3 thoughts on “Ringer: Charlie Gets Found Out

  1. One of my fav shows actually has several episodes with worse names than Ringer. There are several episodes in the second season of NewsRadio that are just simply named after Led Zeppelin albums. None of the episodes have anything to do with Zeppelin.

  2. Episode names are definitely one of those things shows don’t always get right. But at least with NewsRadio, there’s some sort of comical edge, so if the name doesn’t match, no one thinks twice. With a show that’s supposed to be a thriller and somewhat dark with potential murders, drug addiction, and intrigue, having something with “Oh Gawd” in the title that has nothing to do with the episode (except a side comment said by a character that has no place in a thriller) just bugs me.

    But I see your point.

  3. There are a lot of unrealistic things about this show that I try to ignore because I’m a Buffy/S.M.G. fan. However, the points your brought up were totally valid and hard to ignore. I really wanted to see Malcolm going through the withdrawal and getting mad at Bridget yet none of those things happened. Not only would it make good t.v. but it also makes tons of sense. Malcolm went through this all, never once considering giving Bridget up and he gets nothing for it all. He’s made it all the way to New York thinking he and Bridget would use Siobhan’s money to get away. Instead he’s greeted by a Bridget who is too busy falling in love with another man. How has that not gotten a serious reaction from Malcolm?

    And why are these titles like Charlie Gets Found Out happening? Why tell everything that will happen in the episode in the title. This is why I enjoy Kurt Sutter’s titles for Sons of Anarchy episodes. They make sense once the scene actually occurs but they don’t ruin anything or give away the plot.

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