‘Whitney’ Is the New ‘Outsourced,’ and NBC Sucks

When I heard last night that NBC announced its new midseason schedule, for some reason, I was excited. After all, it’s a time to react to the crazy shifting of schedules, see what’s starting (like Smash) and find out what’s new after the new year.

So when I glanced down the list, I didn’t react that much. Ooh, Whitney‘s moving to Wednesday to couple with Are You There, Chelsea? Well, that makes sense, they both suck. Up All Night‘s moving to Thursday? Well, that makes sense anyway.

I didn’t actually look at the rest of Thursday night. Why would I? Why mess with a good thing?

In fact, it wasn’t until JC looked at the schedule and read the many reactions to it that we realized something was wrong. No, it wasn’t because Awake wasn’t included (though I am upset about that). Nope, it was because Community was absent.

No, no, it’s not cancelled, they say. They will air the remaining season…once a slot opens up. That’s certainly not helping anything. NBC has basically just signed an executioner’s notice for our beloved Community.

And for what? To save Whitney? To be honest, I’ve never seen Whitney. I never wanted to. There’s been no part of any advertisement or description of the show that has made me want to see it. Whitney herself is incredibly unfunny. The guy playing her boyfriend/fiance/husband/whatever seems to have a decent sense of humor, but when every scene includes an annoying Whitney, I really don’t want to watch. In fact, I consider changing the channel every time a promo comes on at all. It’s just not funny.

In fact, I can’t name one person who watches Whitney. Shout out if you do. But for some reason, Whitney has become NBC’s current case to prove themselves. It’s the one show they’re rallying themselves behind. In fact, it’s the Outsourced of this season.

Does anyone remember Outsourced? I’m sure you do. This one, I did watch — and I learned my lesson. Just as unfunny and frankly, rather insulting and stereotypical, this was a nonsensical “comedy” that for some reason NBC decided to use to prove themselves as the network that brings you quality entertainment. Instead of throwing it to the wolves as so many viewers hoped and prayed they’d do, they kept it going for way too long, single-handedly ruining their Thursday night lineup in the process. Whitney seems to be that today.

Now, I fully expect that Are You There, Chelsea? will be a complete bust and flunk Wednesday night. At that time, either Community will take its slot, or they’ll move Community back to Thursday and give Up All Night it’s Wednesday home again. But all those moves and that “plan B” is certainly not going to help a quality show like Community, which as an incredible fanbase. It’s one of the few smart comedies left on TV, let alone NBC.

So here’s my plea, NBC. Stop sucking. Give us back Community and stop making a case for your failing newcomers. Look at what the people want, not what they don’t. Get rid of the trainwreck that is Whitney and give us back Community. And while you’re at it, tack on a season or two. Because if you don’t, I guarantee you’ll be saying good-bye to a bunch of your viewers.

I refuse to say my last good-bye to Community just yet.


11 thoughts on “‘Whitney’ Is the New ‘Outsourced,’ and NBC Sucks

  1. I think you’re right on with this. I don’t think Whitney has good ratings, so it’ll likely limp along for a while before being canned much like Outsourced. I know that Community has mediocre ratings (which seem to have gotten worse this year) but it has a cult following and it seems to be critically successful. NBC should keep it airing just for that reason, since it seems like the rest of their lineup is, in general, a commercial and critical failure.

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  3. As someone is overseas and cannot view Community, how has this season compared to the previous ones? Has it been going downhill this season, prompting the drop?

  4. It’s been pretty good. It hasn’t hit the highs yet of the last two seasons, but I don’t think it’s quality has declined so much that its losing viewers. Overall, it’s still really strong.

  5. I actually think this season has been a lot better than last season. Last season was pretty dark and you really started disliking Pierce. This season they’ve made his character a better fit for the show, and it’s just been entertaining.

  6. The only time I even get a glimpse at Whitney is when I set the DVR to record a couple extra minutes of The Office. And I’ve never felt enticed to watch an entire episode. Those two minutes are that bad. But um who is this Whitney chick anyway? And why is NBC hellbent on saving her show?

    NBC has sucked for quite some time now. I wonder if they realize it. Season after season they continue to make the worse choices. Like The Cape. And the last season of Heroes. They need to shake things up over there or else people will stop tuning in to give their new shows even half a chance.

  7. I really don’t think the programing is the problem here. OK shows like The Cape and Whitney suck, but I always thought the problem was scheduling. Their tv shows constantly change days and time slots so much that views who are only somewhat interested in the show give up on it. That’s really a shame because they have a lot of good shows, but they can sometimes take a couple episodes (Community), or a whole season (Parks and Rec) to get going. I just can’t help but think back to the horrible treatment they gave Scrubs, which was one of the best shows on television ever. It sucks because it looks like the same thing is happening to Community, Which IMO has moments that are able to rival Scrubs.

  8. Also to further my point just take a look at CBS. They dominate ratings and look at how they handle their tv shows. Once they decide on a time slot they stick with it and if they do change it they run a huge ad campaign (The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother come to mind) informing the viewers of the switch.

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  11. I agree that the description of “Whitney ” sounds dull, but it is a seriously hilarious show about relationships. You are whining and then admit you have never watched a full episode of Whitney. Please don’t complain about stuff you can’t possibly have a coherent opinion on.

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