Terra Nova: Missing Persons and Missing Identities

TERRA NOVA: 1.07 “Proof”

Why am I watching this show? That’s the real question I’m asking myself nowadays. Especially now as I sit down to write a review of a show that had so little substance that I really don’t know what to say. But I’ll try.

We had three stories here: Taylor tracking the murderer he banished two weeks ago, Josh stealing meds to get his girlfriend back, and Maddie trying to prove that her idol isn’t who he says he is. And frankly, none of these stories were all that interesting.

I was most intrigued by Maddie’s pursuit of the truth, but what annoyed me was that I was discovering things moments before she was. I saw the signatures were different a good few seconds before she said it out loud. I guessed that someone else mailed the envelope solely because it had occurred to me that if the signatures don’t match and he WAS who he said he was, perhaps an assistant sent it in the first place. I could identify the panic words as they spilled out of her mouth — two scenes before Elisabeth told Jim she’s glad he came up with them.

It just needed to be a little more fast-paced. We didn’t need to hear her internal monologue every other scene (especially with “banter” from her little sister about vampires). And frankly, in the grand scheme of things, what did identifying him really accomplish? A great scientist that saved the apple crop was shown as a fraud, and we don’t even know what happened to him. Moreover, it just felt a little too convenient. He just happened to have sealed that envelope out of anyone who could have mailed the letter? Jim just happened to know where to find his daughter to save her? There was just too much happenstance to find it believable.

Then we had Taylor (yes, I’m really putting this in order of interest). It was nice that he saved the guy, sure, but do we really think he can infiltrate the Sixers and get the information he needs? I’d be more worried that the Sixers would let him join them.

Finally, uggh, Josh. Can we say one thing here? Josh stole the card from his mother that was supposed to get him into the cabinet. Now, this was her ID card; usually those get you into buildings. So is it more than a little ridiculous that he had to break the window to get in?

And in all their high-tech stuff, they don’t have a way to identify fingerprints? That could have been an easy way to identify the intruder. But poor Josh’s heart is just too big, since he confesses to the crime and gives meds to his mom to save the patient. Apparently all the other meds went to the sick Sixers (you know, those Sixers that allowed him into their sick den and let him see a video/hologram/something of his girlfriend — because that’s not dumb), and from what we can tell, the only punishment he gets is shocked faces.

This episode was shallow, boring, predictable, and well, dumb. And I didn’t even mention the face-off between Taylor and the dinosaur. The only good thing that could come out of this episode is perhaps there’s a bit for The Soup in that scene alone.


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