Fringe: Savoring the Memories

FRINGE: 4.06 “And Those We Left Behind”

Peter’s back! Peter’s back, Peter’s back, Peter’s back. But poor Peter. Walter won’t have anything to do with him, and Olivia is just civil and polite. Her usual (new) reserved self.

I have to say, after his return, Peter seems to be taking things rather well. He seems to get the fact that no one knows who he is and that Olivia is just going to keep him at arm’s length. He seems to know when and how to mention what he knows and how it helps. Really, the only thing that threw him was hearing that Walter lived in the lab. I really can’t wait to see how Peter tries to fix his relationship with Walter. Despite his love for Olivia, clearly, that’s what foremost in his mind right now, even if she could tell that she was important to him when she dropped him off at his old house. (By the way, would a house covered in sheets, dust, and cobwebs really have a flatscreen TV? Just sayin’.)

But this week’s episode really wasn’t about Peter, even if he claims the moster-of-the-week events were his fault. It was really about time anomalies caused by one man who just wanted to fix his wife.

I barely recognized Stephen Root in this episode at first. It took me a minute. But man, the relationship his character had with his wife was just so heartbreaking. This relationship was so real, and given her Alzheimer’s state, you could see why he so desperately wanted to go back into the past and just live together happily in their little bubble. He didn’t know he was doing anything wrong. He just wanted to be with her.

You know, there were parts of this episode that reminded me of Up. It’s all about living life. Seriously, this episode made me tear up. (Up made me sob buckets. I’m a wuss.)

Beyond the great job Root did with his story, there’s not much more to be said here. It was a pretty straight-forward episode. I really want to get back into the story arc, though, and find out why Peter’s back and what’s next. Will he ever get back with Olivia? Personally, I’d find it interesting if we found out that she and Lincoln had themselves a growing romance, all while Peter’s standing by. In fact, that’s not too far fetched, especially considering how the other Lincoln loves Faux-livia on the other side.

Speaking of, I can’t wait to see what Peter does when he sees the other side. I hope that happens soon. That will be something to see.


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