The Good Wife: Mom, Pick Up the Phone!

THE GOOD WIFE: 3.07 “Executive Order 13224”

My late review is late, but I just couldn’t skip an episode, so let’s get caught up. This season of Good Wife is feeling more and more to me like the first season, tone-wise. Unfortunately, Kalinda is still sidelined as Eli’s operative (she was barely in this episode), but I hear murmurs that that should soon be remedied.

Glenn Childs is back in his new position as a rep for the Federal Defense Department. He’s opposite Alicia and Diane, who are representing a man suing the government for torture. The episode titles is derived from the clause he uses to force Alicia to share details of their case with a cupcake-obsessed representation from the Treasury Dept. I honestly zoned out when they explained how this works, though I did note that characters said “Chinese Wall” twice. Everybody on The Good Wife is obsessed with Chinese walls, I tell you.

In perhaps the most hysterical moment of a funny episode, Alicia’s cell phone ring from all the way back in the pilot episode (“Mom, pick up the phone!”) goes off while Will is on the phone to Diane over his lunch break. They are totally busted!! Diane rightly suspects Alicia and Will were engaged in a little afternoon delight.

Dana is back, working with Cary, trying to convince him to investigate Will Gardner’s indiscrepancy from fifteen years ago. Cary makes a solid case for dropping it, but Peter wants to use Will to go after his drug-pushing client Lamont Bishop, and he asks Cary to head up the investigation. Looks like it won’t be swept under the rug, Willy boy. And since Dana’s sticking around, I’m glad we got to see her style of negotiation. She’s a no-nonsense straight shooter.

Alicia turns down the attorney that Will and Diane offer to protect her in her dealings with the Treasury guy and goes instead to Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston), who is still struggling to operate electronics. I wasn’t keen to see Elsbeth back, but man was I wrong. Not only were her scenes the much-needed comic relief element, but she’s an extremely efficient lawyer, and it’s nice to see someone supporting Alicia without an ulterior motive. Needless to say, she cleverly gets Alicia off the hook by creating a conflict of interest for her. It also drove home the point that despite her relationship with Will, Alicia doesn’t fully trust him to protect her. She won’t be taken for a fool by a man twice. Right on, Alicia!

Speaking of conflicts of interest….in one of the most tense moments of the season thus far, Will confronts Peter, who he accuses of going after him because of Alicia.  They throw down. I loved this scene for clarifying that Peter is not totally in the dark about Will and Alicia (dude is no dummy) and for the crazy intimidation barbs. For example: “There’s two of us here. Only one of us has seen the inside of a cell.” Peter ends up removing himself from the case due to conflict of interest, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing this unfold for quite a few more eps.

Noteworthy (but superficial) moments: Watching Alicia squirm next to Will at a firm-sponsored conference on sexual harassment in the workplace was truly genius, as was the hokey video itself. Coworkers, keep your hands to yourself! You’ll only end up with the spurned husband State’s Attorney coming after you.

Next week: “Death Row Tip” promises to be a juicy episode, at least for Kalinda fans. It involves Alicia trying to get a stay of execution, Eli heading off a political scandal, and Kalinda “meeting her match.” Ohhhh yeah.

Tell me: Are you loving this season? Got any bones to pick?


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