American Horror Story: The Truth About Tate


Well, if you wanted to know Tate’s tale, you certainly found out this week. As suspected, his memories of gunshots rang true, and he really was the murder of the group that attacked him last week.

It was actually rather sad as we realized what really happened. We saw Tate through the eyes of his victims (kind-of). We heard the screams and gunshots and hid with the group in the library. Then, as he pushed himself through the door, we saw the terror that he was unleashing on the students. It was actually a very well done scene, if not for the heroic football star who really thought that he could stop the gunman on the loose through chatting. Not that I think violence is the answer, but a good tackle could have saved a few lives.

My other complaint with this scene was that we didn’t see the moment that was mentioned in the episode prior. One of the girls said that Tate asked her whether she believed in God, and she said yes, even though she didn’t. We didn’t get to see that this episode.

Strangely enough, even though we saw Tate’s bloody murder streak, you really felt for him. We saw Constance collapse in tears when we was taken down by the police. We saw Tate’s own emotions rile up when he saw Violet stop loving him. In fact, despite seeing his face behind the gun and his finger on the trigger, some part of me still felt for Tate in the end.

This episode was a commendable one for Violet, who frankly, didn’t take the news well. How do you? Personally, I found it so interesting to see her piece together the house. To go in the basement and see all of the ghosts down there (all the ones we’ve met so far anyway), and not be able to handle it. While I don’t think this is the case, part of me wonders if Violet really did die from that suicide attempt, and both she and Tate don’t know it. I think she is alive, but it’d be interesting to find out otherwise.

Now, everything else in this episode is a bit of a blur. Vivien had her digestive…stuff. And we get the impression that her baby is not what it seems — and that it might have hooves, at that. Ben had his own patient, and while I thought the urban legend part was creepy, the ending felt a little disappointing. Shot in the head by a robber? Not really what I thought I was going to see. Maybe that was the point?

The real question that we haven’t yet discovered is why Tate did what he did. Constance thinks it’s because of the house. But what do you think? And will Violet ever find out?


3 thoughts on “American Horror Story: The Truth About Tate

  1. Boy, that opening scene was really well done, but hard to watch. As a high school student when Columbine happened, I remember how scared everyone was that it could happen again. This scene really made me remember those days.

  2. Part of me kept wondering how he got back to the house in the first place, since nowadays any time something even CLOSE to this happens, they’re taken down or arrested before they get out of the school. But Tate’s experience happened in 1994, right? That was before Columbine, so you can only imagine how shocking this was to everyone involved.

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