Ringer: Malcolm in the Middle

RINGER: 1.08 “Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead”

This episode was really about Malcolm, but let’s take a moment and think about Andrew instead. Andrew was a bit…oversensitive in this episode? Ok, so he just “lost” the baby that he thought Bridget/Siobhan was harboring in her baby. He deserves to be upset. But he seemed overly upset that his wife didn’t want to spend time with him and that she told her stepdaughter that they weren’t going to try again. Now, I’ve never gone through a miscarriage (and neither has Bridget), but one would normally think that there’s a period of grieving and that perhaps a woman in such a state wouldn’t be thinking straight. While I know why Bridget said no to Juliet, her answer could easily be construed as a woman who wouldn’t want to be hurt again in a similar situation. Why did Andrew have to be such a baby about it in the kitchen?

Anyway, that really wasn’t the point of the episode. Malcolm was very visible in this episode, and Bridget was very concerned. He’s the one person that could throw a wrench in her entire new life, and he’s back on drugs to boot. With the complicated nature of their friendship and former relationship — plus a detective — this isn’t exactly the reunion she was looking for. Neither was Malcolm. Fortunately, Bridget is quick on her feet and was able to keep her cover in place, even wearing a wire. In fact, I was really impressed with her anger at the detective, when she yelled at him because he knew Malcolm was using again and didn’t tell her. That was cool.

It felt a little too “happy ending,” though by the time we saw the credits roll. Malcolm reached out for help, and she reached out to Charlie. Ok, sure, we don’t know what Charlie’s up to and what he plans to do with Malcolm, but the fact that Malcolm was so eager to get help so fast seemed a little unrealistic. But hey, it pushes plot forward, I guess.

Meanwhile, Siobhan has her own problems. Whatever plan she’s concocted in France is now falling apart since Tyler has now met her twin. While it will be interesting seeing Siobhan try to get back on her feet, it will be more interesting to see what she was trying to do. She didn’t choose Tyler randomly. There was a reason she wanted him under her watchful eye. But clearly she didn’t expect his rise in her husband’s company. Either way, Bridget isn’t making Siobhan’s life any easier.

So what will happen next? Honestly, I have no clue. But I’m holding tight for that moment Siobhan appears, big belly in tow. Now that will be an episode to see.

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