Terra Nova: When Darkness Falls

TERRA NOVA: 1.06 “Nightfall”

This episode of Terra Nova had a good premise. The idea of having all electronics go dark in this terrifying place is really interesting. You have two trapped in the wilderness, two others trapped in a building with no resources, a hospital with a dying patient, and the rest dealing with the elements and trying to fix it. I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like a lot to deal with in one episode.

But there’s something intriguing about how these people, who, while they are in a deserted place with very little, are completely dependent in technology in every way. Guns, medicine, even doors. All lost.

So why’d you have to go ahead and toss in the Sixers?

The problem with this show is that it just tries to take on too much all at once. It’s not enough to just show a blackout. You have to toss in a dinosaur. It’s not just enough to toss in a dinosaur. You have to toss in the Sixers. It’s not enough to toss in the Sixers. They have to steal the box. See where I’m going here?

They just did too much. And they didn’t even do it well. Or, frankly, finish up any storylines. Skye’s friend almost died because of the parasite, but for some unknown reason, when they got power back and Elisabeth when to take care of it. It was already dead. No need to worry. He’ll be ok. But there was no real explanation as to why the parasite died. It just fell flat.

Or how about that big dinosaur? Does anyone remember how that was defeated? Neither do I? We saw them flinging fire at it, and then suddenly people were trying to stop the box stealers. Are you kidding me? It was tough enough to believe that the Sixers were able to get the dinosaur to head that way, but to then believe that a little fire kept it away? Ridiculous.

This show just keeps shooting itself in the foot. They take everything just one step too far (well, in this case, maybe three steps).

I don’t really know what else to say. To consider what the show could be, only to discover what it is, well, that’s rather disappointing. From the start of this series, everything’s just been done wrong. Slow down. Take it one step at a time. And damnit, develop the story! So far the only satisfying thing in this series is Maddie’s relationship because of the slow build. Can’t the rest of Terra Nova follow suit?


One thought on “Terra Nova: When Darkness Falls

  1. I second everything you say in here. The idea of losing power in this place is indeed terrifying since they rely on their power for everything. It would have been so much more interesting if they could have strung out the lack of power storyline over a couple of episodes, so we could better see how the lack of energy really affects the colony; this would have also allowed the writers to increase a sense of pressure and dread from the hostile environment outside Terra Nova. Instead, they took the “problem of the week” route and had it wrapped up before the week was over. Disappointing.

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