Terra Nova: Terra Murder

TERRA NOVA: 1.05 “Bylaw”

Once again, we have another monster-of-the-week episode. I use that term loosely, as this week it wasn’t really a monster causing havoc. Instead, it was one of their own.

This episode especially displayed how somewhat ridiculous this show is. It’s not that I don’t think someone can kill someone by dinosaur — ok, it’s because I don’t think someone can kill someone by dinosaur. What’s more, the setup of Jim as a cop in a military organization is rather ridiculous.

I don’t know why it came out so much in this episode, except perhaps because they were launching a formal investigation and the question of legal rights was pushed. This is a civilization that’s run by the military. That means, they basically have military rules (please keep in mind my understanding of “military cultures” is based off of Army Wives, so don’t take this all too seriously). But weirdly enough, they also have a cop. Does anyone else find this odd? We’ve got all these official people running around with large weaponry and military garb…and then you have a cop. Who may or may not have a gun. And who, by the way, was formerly in jail. Sorry, Jim, but shouldn’t you be taken a little less seriously than you are?

That being said, it is rather interesting to see that decision-making is not to our standards. One guy makes the rules, and that’s Taylor. Even after a confession, he banished him from the colony and left him to the wolves, er, dinosaurs. No judge. No jury. That’s it.

But doesn’t that too seem strange? Why would you leave a disgruntled murderer out in the wilderness? Wouldn’t he just immediately turn to the Sixers and become one of them? I mean, perhaps this was less of a threat when considering the first guy, but that mean soldier sure seems mean. He seems perfect for the Sixers (and I wouldn’t be surprised if we haven’t seen the last of him). Just sayin’. Taylor’s got to think these things through a little more.

And then there’s stupid ol’ teen angsty boy (what’s his name? Tyler from V? Oh wait…) First, I don’t so much care about whats-her-name, and I don’t see why he’s stubborn. This has “bad idea” written all over it. But really, this is a problem for the writers. They really didn’t establish her as anyone we care about, so of course, we don’t care to see her appear. Anyway…

Finally, looks like the Shannons are getting a pet dinosaur. Ooh, ooh! I want one! That’s not just like every other dinosaur era TV shows, now, is it?

Oh well. Wee Shannon is cute, so if it makes her happy, maybe it will make me happy.


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