Parenthood: Who’s Worse? Jasmine or Haddie?

PARENTHOOD: 3.07 “Forced Family Fun”

This episode was mildly infuriating. Well, at least when it comes to Crosby and Kristina’s storylines. Are people just blind? Do they not get it? How does Adam and Haddie (uggh! Haddie!) not see how Kristina is feeling? Why does Jasmine (uggh! Jasmine!) not get that her relationship with the good doctor is actually affecting people?

Let’s start with Kristina. Poor Kristina. She’s the sole caretaker of this new baby now that Adam’s constantly distracted with his new business (in fact, I wonder if he’s realized yet that he has a new baby), and her kids aren’t any help. Haddie, of all people, should be mature enough to help. Remember in the first season how she was the responsible one? Now she can’t seem to see past her own nose. That scene in the car, for example. I can understand why Max would have started trouble or started asking questions, but the fact that Haddie just kept insisting that they go bowling and didn’t understand why they couldn’t was just frustrating. She’s 17 years old! Grow up! And her discussion with Kristina, while I give her credit for volunteering to talk to her, was just dumb. How does she not see that her mother will miss her? Was I this clueless before I went off to college? If so, sorry, mom. Uggh, Haddie.

And then Jasmine. Trust me, I recall when Jasmine made it clear that Jabbar should not be meeting Crosby’s “special friends.” She freaked out when it wasn’t even his fault. But now, after what has to be less than two months, she’s ready to invite the good doctor into Jabbar’s life. That seems awfully soon, no matter how much she might like them. And while I appreciated Crosby’s upfront conversation with her, saying how he got hurt and how she broke the rules, why didn’t he step up when she talked to him in the studio? I mean, if anything, rules need to be established regarding one-on-one time with Jabbar without Jasmine present or sleepovers or various other things. But still, it’s such a short time to introduce him. I mean, there are a whole lot of relationships that don’t last that long, and that will just hurt Jabbar. Think about when Crosby and Jasmine broke up and how confused he was. Now he’s even older. Bah.

Now, one person I did respect in this episode was Julia. The baby in Zoe is going to be Julia and Joel’s, so it’s fair that she watch out for it. I think she actually handled the conversation pretty well (true, it could have gone better, but she didn’t do it badly), and I’m glad that it looks like Zoe’s handling the relationship well. In the end, though, I really wonder whether it will be smooth sailing after Zoe has that baby. Can she really give it up after spending all this time with Julia and her family? Or, if she can, can she really stay out of it?

Finally, Sarah. This is all badness — in a good way. I’m not infuriated with the characters or storyline. I want to see what happens. But her relationship with teacher is just so great, and I can see her ruining it. I’m impressed he’s so vocal about saying, “I’m not ok with you cancelling dates at the last minute,” or “Should I be worried?” But it’s really going to be problematic, I can see it. Seth is sucking her in, and I don’t know if I trust him either.

Your thoughts?


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