Commercial Rant: Kelly Ripa and Electrolux

I get that some people are Kelly Ripa fans. I’m not saying that I’m not. I’m actually pretty ambivalent about Kelly Ripa. I’ll take her or leave her. But she does seem to personify this hyper-personality, with her celebrity persona and style, and really, she makes it all look pretty easy. So do we really want to see her living an easy life in a commercial?

This is what I think when I see the next commercial in my commercial rant.

Electrolux “Amazing Entertainer”

It’s not that many women (or men) out there wouldn’t necessarily want to see something that would make life easier. Of course, everyone would want to see life get a little easier. I mean, busy lives and work and such. But is Kelly Ripa really who we want to see doing it all?

To me, it feels more like she’s shoving it in her face. With her perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect kids, and now, perfect appliances, even she won’t break a sweat. A sweat that many working mothers (and fathers) break daily. Why make it look so easy when in fact it isn’t? Yes, I’m sure, that Electrolux can help, but throwing “perfection” in the face of a viewer seems to be more snobbery than helpfulness.

Why not show us a real scenario? Kids who are making messes as you clean them up and cook dinner at the same time. Unloading piles of groceries into an easy-to-use fridge. Why show us someone who, in the same night, can throw a dinner party, make dinner, and put the kids to bed all in one 30-second shoot?

I think the main thing here is the Kelly Ripa (at least in only viewing this commercial) isn’t relatable. She’s a celebrity. Even if it’s not true, there’s an automatic assumption that Kelly can do it all because she’s a celebrity. She probably has people when the normal viewer, quite frankly, does not.

I don’t know how Kelly Ripa runs a household, but somehow, I doubt it’s what I’m seeing on TV. And while the average person might realize that the nameless face throwing cleaning supplies and allergy medicine in your face is probably an actor, they at least portray something you can relate to.

Even Regis knows that.

So stop showing me that Kelly can do it all and expect me to believe I can do. Give me someone who’s really struggling to do it all and suddenly can. Somehow in this commercial drenched with I Dream of Jeanne, it all feels like make-believe.


2 thoughts on “Commercial Rant: Kelly Ripa and Electrolux

  1. You’re right, it’s the celebrity aspect of this commercial that makes it so insufferable. They should have cast some no-name person.

    On the bright side, I haven’t been seeing this one on as much recently, so it doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as it did.

  2. Thank you! What the commercial makes me wonder is….does she have a maid? I dont know too many supermoms like this—working full time sure keeps me from being one.

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