Thursday Open Thread: Lame TV Villains

It’s been hard keeping up with The Vampire Diaries. Fortunately, now, I seem to be caught up. I know, I know, it took me a while. But while the season has gotten better, now that Stefan has gone all big baddie, the real “Big Bad” is just another lame-o. (Maybe that’s why I wasn’t watching.)

I’ve said it before. I wasn’t impressed with Klaus last season, and I’m not feeling any better about him this season. In fact, I would say that he’s definitely one of the lamest TV villains ever. I just don’t get a scared vibe from him. He’s thin, scrawny, small, and ultimately annoying. He rarely ever puts on his fang face or even his werewolf one, and he’s just rather dull. You know, there are a lot of villains that make other people do their dirty work, but somehow, Klaus isn’t threatening when he orders people around.

I mean, if he would at least ruthlessly kill, that would be great. But even when he’s down with the bloodletting, he wants Stefan to do it. If he’s not going to kill anyone, why should we really be scared? Ok, so he killed Elena’s aunt, but that was really long and drawn-out and a one-time thing. What I’m really saying here is that it’s not enough. I just don’t see it. He’s lame.

All that’s to say…

Who do you think is the lamest TV villain?

Klaus is no Angelus. Let’s just say that. Who else could be a better baddie?

image from Yahoo! TV

Really, I think the 1990s-esque beaded necklaces make him look especially threatening. Don’t you?


11 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Lame TV Villains

  1. This is a tough one, bc there are so many GOOD villians out there. I’d have to go with Glory. I couldn’t get Bring It On out of my mind, and her lines were delivered just horribly.

  2. I’d go with whatshername from the 2nd season of Dexter. She was just so damned annoying that I spent half the season waiting for her to do something kill-worthy.

  3. Ewww, you’re right about Dexter. She sucked. But I didn’t mind Glory. She was better than Adam.

    I’ll also throw in Sylar from the later seasons of Heroes. Sure, he was cool in the first season (ish), but he was terrible after that.

  4. Actually, the fact that Sylar didn’t die at the end of the first season was the reason I quit watching that show. I’d have listed him as a lame villain, except that, as annoying as he was, he was at least a legitimate threat to the other characters.

  5. Yeah, but wasn’t there one year when he was all wishy washy and he was all like, “Am I good? Am I bad?” and didn’t really DO anything for half the season, threatening or otherwise?

    Completely agree with you on the season 1 finale.

  6. Didn’t he do something like that in the middle of the first season? At one point he goes and visits his mom. Then he finally commits to being bad. Then the final showdown had no finality. What a lame show. I can’t imagine how bad it actually got when everyone finally decided that the show wasn’t good anymore.

  7. I’d have to say Klaus is really killing me. He is the lamest bad guy. He’s just like this little kid with momy & daddy issues. I just want to tell him to get over it. We all have parents we’re disappointed in and/or parents who are disappointed in us. He’s doing all of this, building an army, so he doesn’t have to feel alone? That’s the lamest reason to be a bady guy. I’m not sure we can even categorize him as a bad guy. As you pointed out, he’s only killed one person so far other than his mother which we didn’t actually see him do. He’s obsessed with Stefan and their make-pretend friendship. It’s so sad.

  8. CS, I’m fuzzy on the details because this was around the time I stopped watching and was only catching occasional episodes and previews, but I thought there was a time around when Sylar started looking like Nathan that he had good/bad issues again. And then I thought maybe he was aligning with someone to be good for a while, and then at the end of the season, suddenly turned bad again.

    But you’re right about the conflict in season one. Forgot about that. Which I shouldn’t. Because I like snowglobes. And he smashed some. Man, that show sucked.

    But it’s funny you mention parent issues, mclairjune! Sylar had those, too, I think. Though, while we saw Sylar slice heads open, we just see Klaus talk in an accent. Dude, does he even has muscle mass? I feel like a wind could knock Klaus over.

  9. Brother Justin from Carnivale was one of my all-time favorite bad guys. His physicality and his voice helped; he was big, imposing, and a thundering hypocritical moralist. He was scary. At the end of season 2, though, it looked like they were setting up Sophie to be the bad guy in the future. We never got a season 3, so we’ll never know exactly, but if that was their plan, I’m not sure it would have worked. I just have a hard time thinking of her as scary or intimidating.

  10. That’s like when they introduced Ryan to Joan of Arcadia. I couldn’t see that going very well (but it was cancelled, so we’ll never know). But then again, I don’t know if that was the character or if I just didn’t know if I liked where the show was going.

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