Ringer: Finally, a Twist I Can Get Behind (and Not Predict)

RINGER: 1.07 “Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?”

When I think of TV characters named Charlie, I naturally think of “Not Penny’s Boat.” This, of  course, makes me suddenly distraught with emotion. (Dear god, I just watched that YouTube clip and I almost broke down into tears all over again. Anyway…) But we’re not talking about Lost here. I’m talking about Ringer, who’s just introduced their own significant character named Charlie. Will he stand the test of cult fanaticism? Probably not. But he did provide a brand-new twist to the show that it, quite frankly, desperately needed.

Perhaps I was blinded by Charlie’s slightly crooked teeth, and that’s why I didn’t see his collaboration with the real Siobhan coming. Perhaps it’s because he claimed he was a cop (perhaps he was?). But either way, I certainly didn’t think that we’d find out that he was the one who attacked Gemma or that he was the voice on the other end of Siobhan’s phone.

So what’s the game here? Siobhan clearly didn’t want her sister to live after the first episode, but now she’s really playing with her, since she’s the stand-in for her own life. Gemma, the one who knew the truth and was a liability, is now gone (whether dead or just taken, we still don’t know). But while she’s causing her own damage, Bridget seems to have her own plan.

Why did she plant that fingerprint? Why does she want the focus on Bridget?

She seemed almost startled at all the attention, but she seemed to know it was coming at the same time by warning both Andrew and Henry about her twin (she’s lucky they didn’t say, “Yeah, Siobhan told me yesterday,” to the cops). But then she turns to Charlie to turn up evidence that would get Bridget off the hook. What’s going on?

In other news, we have Malcolm in the city. Now this, I particularly don’t understand. He “escapes” his captors, though they’re following him. He then sees them and tells him that they can’t follow him and he won’t reveal where Bridget is. Then he goes directly to where Bridget is. I realize that he’s severely off the wagon, but that logic just doesn’t make sense. And since the cops just discovered his whereabouts, it looks like nothing but trouble is heading Bridget’s way.

And that includes her ultrasound, which as it stands right now will tell her that she has no baby inside her. That is, unless we find out that perhaps she has Malcolm’s baby, which would be a twist I wouldn’t find surprising. Please note: That’s not a spoiler, just an educated guess. I could very well be wrong.

Either way, I’m getting rather annoyed with Andrew. His idealistic perception of the world around him is just rather ridiculous. His frustration is barely even angry. Stop seeing the good in everything and realize that everyone around you is ugly and deceitful already!

At least he’s seen this with his daughter. Ok, sure, she did try to stop her sister from drinking and she only had two beers, but she’s still underage and lying! I think that she really does deserve to be cut off. That being said, I do find anything regarding Juliet to be a little off-topic and rather boring. I think we could remove this altogether.

What happens next? Well, I guess we’ll see. But for the thriller Ringer hopes to be, I’m glad we just found out who Siobhan’s confidante was…and I want to see what he does next.


3 thoughts on “Ringer: Finally, a Twist I Can Get Behind (and Not Predict)

  1. I think Bridget will end up being pregnant. It’s the only thing that makes sense. She did faint and I don’t believe it was just from “stress”. The show hasn’t done anything big to surprise us except for Charlie working with the real Siobhan so I’m sure this is the route they will take, seeing as how it’s the easiest solution. It’ll pretty a big shock when the baby comes out if it really is Malcom’s baby. Although, didn’t she sleep with Malcom three months ago? Wouldn’t she have realized that she’s preggers by now?
    And am I the only one who thinks SMG is really pregant? She’s lately been wearing outfits that are really loose around her midsection. Might be hiding a baby bump. Which is what makes me think we’re going to see a baby in the ultrasound next episode.

  2. And btw I don’t believe Andrew is as idealistic as he seems to be. I think it’s all a front to hide his own secrets. Like the fact that something shady is going on with his business.

  3. I’d love to find out some dirt on Andrew. I think I considered that option in the first couple episodes, but I gave up hope. That’d be great.

    Oh, and you’re probably right about the pregnancy. Good call.

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