Three Buffy Episodes to Watch This Halloween

I have a tradition. I think from the headline you can tell what my tradition just might be.

You can’t get through Halloween without watching some of my favorite vampire series. Yep, that’s Buffy. And while there are tons of fantastic episodes you could watch every Halloween between Buffy and it’s Tuesday night lover Angel, I always tend to lean toward these three favorites. Check them out (with my reasons and promos) below.

1. Fear Itself

I have no idea if this is a real promo or one developed by a fan (probably the latter), but it gives you the gist of Buffy’s  Halloween-themed episode from season four. Start your mini-marathon off with a laugh with this great episode. Giles is desperate to be traditional, while Anya is just…Anya. We’ve got Oz as God, and Xander as insecure (ok, so maybe that wasn’t his costume). Anyway, the episode does a great job balancing some humorous moments with hauntings and death, so it’s a good one to watch on Halloween.

2. Hush

You’re gonna die a’screamin’ but you won’t be heard. This episode is still my best contender in the list of “Best Buffy Episodes Ever,” and it’s just perfect for Halloween. The majority of the episode is unspoken, and the creepy music just adds to the suspense. Watch it with no lights on and see when you jump — even when you know what’s coming your way. Definitely a nightmarish premise and one you can’t miss out on this Halloween.

3. Conversation with Dead People

Finally, possibly one of the creepiest episodes. At least in my book. Sure, the Buffy storyline is weak in this one, but the rest more than make up for it. This is really one of the few episodes that really make me feel for Dawn, and if you can make it through her story without getting shivers down your spine, you’re better than me. Plus, add in Willow’s desperate pleas for Tara during her conversation with her own ghost, and well… Let’s just say this is a good one to cap off your ghostly evening.

So what did I miss? What other episodes would you recommend? It doesn’t need to be Halloween-themed, but any other suggestions for the mini-marathon are welcome.



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