Thursday Open Thread: Who’s Who on Halloween

It’s that time of year. When teenage girls dress up in short skirts and tons of makeup, and boys don shirts with holes in them and blood stains. No, it’s not the first day of school. It’s Halloween, of course!

Which makes me wonder what costumes people will be wearing this year. Or rather…

What TV character are you dressing up as this year? Or, if you’re not dressing up, who would you want to be?

This can be as easy putting on florescent skinny jeans, a turtleneck, and a button-down, and call yourself Howard from Big Bang Theory. Or maybe you’ll put on a suit with some funny socks and be Booth from Bones. Maybe you’ll go old school and wear a red sailor shirt and a white hat and be Gilligan.

Or you could go a more complex route (and a bit more expensive). How about some vintage 1960s garb and be Joan from Mad Men? Or get a dog suit and be Wilfred. If you really want to be crazy (and possibly arrested), just run around naked with a few dragons, and you can be Dani Targaryen.

Who would you be? And how?

For me, well, my go to person would be Buffy, which basically means that I could wear pretty much what I want and then just carry around a wooden stake. Darla’s an option in that same vein, if you want to don a schoolgirl’s uniform and two (fake) guns. But this year? I think — if I were to dress up — I’d go crazy Canadian on you.

Yep, I think I’d head to the mall in my Robin Sparkles gear. But of course, I’d desperately need one of those bedazzled denim jackets. I couldn’t have it any other way.

What about you?

It’s a good thing I’m not really dressing up. After all, everyone would probably just think I’m Hannah Montana. Maybe I should just be Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place instead…


6 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Who’s Who on Halloween

  1. I am going as Carmen Sandiego. Does she count? I know she is more of a comic book character, but they did have that game show about her!

  2. I only know her as the game-show person! Also, wasn’t there some cartoon, too, or am I making that up?

  3. I can confirm the cartoon.

    And not that I dress up for Halloween, but I’ve always thought dressing up as Zoot would be cool (minus the blue skin color). Or El Kabong. All I’d need is a mask, a cape, and a guitar to wave around.

    …Oh yeah… I did dress up as JD from Scrubs once…

  4. You don’t think the pink tie would give it away, even solo? What if you carried around a tray and a look of distaste?

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