Secret Circle: Aftermath

THE SECRET CIRCLE: 1.05 “Slither”

I didn’t write about last week’s Secret Circle, and it was a biggie. Let me tell you way. It’s all because of one mistake: I decided to wait until the episode was on to watch it, so I can see it in HD (my TiVo records in standard def). Because of this, I didn’t end up watching it until Monday, and trying to avoid spoilers was difficult. I knew it was a big episode. What’s worse, during the commercial breaks on, they actually advertised last night’s episode, which included Adam’s dad lamenting that we keep burying teenagers.

Needless to say, I knew someone was going to die. Thanks, CW, for spoiling that for me in my first commercial break.

But I didn’t know who. All signs pointed to Melissa at first, but instead, we had Nick take the fall. It was a surprise for two reasons. First, Nick’s actually a character in the book and Melissa’s not. All signs pointed to keeping aligned with literature and at least keeping the characters the same. Wrong. Also, we really didn’t get to know Nick all that much yet. Despite the fact that executive producer Andrew Miller really wanted Nick to die earlier, it was much too soon for me. Perhaps it was the fact that the CW spoiled my surprise, but I really had no connection or attachment with Nick yet. Melissa, sure. I would have been devastated. But Nick was rather one-sided and boring (*coughcoughmuchlikemanyothersinthecast*cough). And away he goes.

Nonetheless, we’re powering forward, and last night, they showed us the aftermath. I really wanted to see a little more sodden faces, to be honest, and perhaps a break before we introduced Jake, Nick’s brother, and all he’s doing to help — and hurt — the circle. It felt like we were moving along a little too fast. And while I’ll get to Jake in a second, let’s start with the first way we’re moving way too fast.

Adam and Diana.

Did anyone else feel their breakup was way too early? We haven’t seen any flustered faces between Adam and Cassie in weeks, and though he was clearly bothered by Jake’s interest, Adam was leaning on his hatred for the guy, not his jealousy. Why Diana would suddenly take the word of a drunk bartender (true, her boyfriend’s dad) as a reason to break up with the boyfriend she loves just seemed strange. Instead, I would have preferred that her jealousy, desperation, and fear well up for a while before the breakup actually happened. Episode six just seems too soon. And by the way, Adam certainly didn’t fight for this relationship. He stood there and cried. How did that help?

Now back to Jack and the newest threat to the Circle: witch hunters. It’s funny. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read these books, and I completely forgot about the witch hunters. Of course, they’d come to the forefront of the plot this season. Interesting. What’s more interesting (yet incredibly counterintuitive and weird) is that Jake, a witch, is part of this elite group. Now, I do worry that this is going to be a little too much like the Council in Vampire Diaries, but it will be interesting to see who’s side Jake really is on.

Finally, let’s talk Adam’s dad for a moment. Did anyone else notice a certain name that he mentioned when talking about Amelia? Blackwell. I’m tantalized, but won’t say more. If you read the books, you just might know why.


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