American Horror Story: The Truth Behind Moira

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1.03 “Murder House”

JC and I were recently discussing American Horror Story, particularly Ben. Well, more accurately, Dylan McDermott. As JC put it, he’s just not acting like a human being. McDermott seems to have fallen into his usual acting gap: I have three expressions I plan to use in this series, and that’s what I’ll be using from here on out. Whether that’s what limiting the real, human reactions to things like, say, his ex-girlfriend getting a shovel in her face, or whether it’s the writing, I’m not sure. Perhaps that is just as mysterious as what lies in wait in the basement of the house.

Beyond that, this episode really did change the dynamic of the episode. We finally found out the truth behind Moira. Strangely enough, Moira — even the young Moira — isn’t the ruthless, sexual creature that we thought. Moira, in her true lifetime, was actually a victim of Constance’s former husband. Only, Constance didn’t wait to see it that way. Her instant reaction was to shoot her through the eye (she’s either a really good shot, or the gore factor is getting a little ridiculous). Now, Moira’s stuck in the house, living two lives. Well, perceptions. Young Moira is still seen as the woman who would steal a husband, while the old is the victim.

As Moira put it, men see what they want to see, but women see into the soul of the person.

But why is this happening? Is it the house? Or is it Constance? How could the men see this perception of Moira, if Constance wasn’t doing something about it? She’s the one who first saw Moira this way. Is she the one pushing this onto others?

The saddest part is that now that Ben’s new gazebo is covering Moira’s remains, it looks like she can never leave. Now this is the interesting part that I now want to find out more about. It sure looks like anyone killed in the house is remaining in the house, what with seeing the two girls last week and seeing Norah this week. But it has to be more than their bones keeping them there. After all, the two girls last week were famous murders, which implies that police came, found them, and took their bodies, not buried them in the ground. Moira’s death was most certainly hidden, since she was in the ground and Constance wouldn’t want to get caught. So where do the bones come in?

The best part, though, is that if my suspicion is true — that anyone killed there will stay — it sure looks like we haven’t seen the last of Ben’s ex-girlfriend. I can’t wait to see his reaction to that (though, I can probably already predict it).


3 thoughts on “American Horror Story: The Truth Behind Moira

  1. Hi gar,

    It’s been a while since I saw the episode, so my memory may be rusty, but I thought Moira’s remains were in the same spot that he was putting Hayden — Ben just didn’t see them there as he was burying Hayden’s body. In other words, I thought both bodies ended up under the gazebo?

    Again, haven’t seen the episode since it originally aired, so you may be right. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Hi, the 2 bodies were buried in the same place. You can watch the episode again.

    Have a nice day!

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