Ringer: Missing Person

RINGER: 1.06 “The Poor Kids Do It Every Day”

Before I launch into the saga that is Gemma’s untimely demise, let’s take a moment to address Juliet. Does anyone care about her time in public school? I personally don’t. And while I know that every Veronica Mars fan is wetting themselves to see a certain someone back on TV (and the CW at that), but this whole thing looks like they’re setting up another “sleeping with my teacher” storyline that’s done, tired, and completely obnoxious. In fact, we should consider it the “show killer.” Think of Life Unexpected. You’d think Kristoffer Polaha could have warned them.

Anyway, on to Gemma. Henry surprised me in the beginning of this episode. I thought he was just lying to Bridget, trying to frame her for a murder that he himself did. But as the story progresses, we discover that he’s just an idiot. He really did come into the apartment to find blood on the walls and disarray, and he was cleaning up to save Bridget — or “Siobhan” — which he thought was the real murderer.

I really wasn’t convinced at first. It just felt ridiculous. But with that ending, it looks like he might actually be telling the truth. *Gasp!* I didn’t know for sure whether Siobhan would have a hand in Gemma’s demise, but it’s not that far of a leap. After all, if Bridget was almost the victim of a hitman in the first episode, certainly Siobhan could arrange to have Gemma killed. And there’s clearly some contact of Siobhan’s out there keeping an eye out; perhaps he informed her of the trouble Gemma was causing, which is why Siobhan had to take care of things.

Of course, there’s always intrigue. Part of me has soap opera hesitations. If you don’t see a body, how can you be sure Gemma’s really dead? Maybe it’s a setup. Or maybe Henry did do it, and he’s working with the real Siobhan. In which case, he knows a lot more than he’s putting on.

Finally, what about Bridget’s fingerprint? Why did she plant her own evidence in the evidence bag? What does incriminating Bridget do for her? Well, it does take the spotlight off Bridget-now-Siobhan. If the detective thinks she’s Siobhan and he’s still looking for Bridget, he might leave her alone. And Henry. So she’s saving two people with one act, keeping her new life safe and burning her old.

At least, that’s my guess.

Oh, in other news, apparently Malcolm is still alive. I swear we saw him killed last episode. So, that was, um, weird. Thoughts?


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