Pan Am: Without Colette, I Was Bored

PAN AM: 1.04 “Eastern Exposure”

I mentioned in my review of the pilot that I thought it was interesting that Kate is working with the CIA. But with this episode, I feel it’s going too far. For something that’s supposed to be a covert operation, she sure is taking up a lot of space in the episode. And if I were Richard Parks, I would have given up on her already. In the last episode, she almost blew her cover. In this episode, she’s six hours late and compromised the operation because of her sister. I wish I could actually see Kate do a successful mission to see that she’s capable of these assignments before I see her mess up so much. Honestly, I just don’t want this to be the main purpose of the show, which it’s quickly becoming.

Beyond that, it’s pretty much the sister story. While Laura’s great and pretty and starry-eyed, she’s getting on my nerves. She’s got some cute moments, but I do get as frustrated with her as Kate does. Now that she’s best buds with Maggie, I see her getting in a lot more trouble, which I expect Kate will clean up.

Now, that could be interesting. I can see her getting in trouble with some small uniform infractions all the way to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting hurt (much like Kate almost did with the dropoff). Hopefully she grows up soon.

The most interesting part of this episode was Ted’s storyline, which really gave us some good background on him. After the last two episodes, Ted’s not really one to love, but this week, that changed. You really saw a round character, one that got dumped on in the past because of one mistake. Whether it was his or not, he got blamed, and he’s still feeling the hurt. I’m glad we had this. His and Colette’s might be the only two stories that have significant depth (really, the Bridget storyline’s a little dull and, man, we haven’t even found out anything about Maggie), and I’m glad we got to hear it.

But what about Colette? She was barely in this episode, which was disappointing after her amazing performance last week. They really aren’t highlighting the strong areas of the show. It’s not that I want every episode to be overly emotional, but I do want something with depth.

Anyway, it was an ok episode, but I wanted a little more after last week. What about you?


One thought on “Pan Am: Without Colette, I Was Bored

  1. Completely agree. Ted’s story saved the episode. Colette barely appeared and she’s the substance of this show. Her outing with Dean two weeks ago in Paris leant it some chemistry. Meanwhile, Ricci and the blond provide the aesthetics. I did also enjoy the substory on Kate thing with his mother. I wish they didn’t waste that storyline so quickly with a resolution within one show. What Mad Men does in 5 episodes, ABC squeezes into 1 show just to make it move. I’ll still keep tuning in.

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