Friday’s ‘Fringe’: What’d You Think?

FRINGE: 4.04 “Subject Nine”

We can no longer ask, “Where is Peter Bishop?” Peter has been found, through means we have yet to discover. Much like Angel did in season three of Buffy, Peter just miraculously appeared. This time, in a lake in New York, that most people have never really heard of. How he got here — and why — is still yet to be determined, but I’m just happy to have that lovely little face back.

I have to admit, the promos tricked me. The promos kept asking, “Is Peter Bishop back?” Now, based on prior TV experience, I know never to trust that. So I went into the episode thinking, Of course, he’s not back. That’d be way too much of a spoiler if they told us in the promo. So along I went, thinking James Cameron Cameron James was getting his revenge on someone or something and doing all of it. So since I was so convinced it wasn’t Peter, I was completely shocked to discover that it was. But there are a lot of questions:

  • How did he go from mirror man to the magnetic blue ball? (I use very technical terms here on Raked.)
  • What made him become man? Was it Cameron?

Ok, so maybe there are only a couple that I can think of off the top of my head, but I do feel like we’re going into the next episode with a lot to figure out. Walter and Olivia are clearly going to be on the defense — he knows so much more about them than he should, and in FBI terms, that’s a risk.

I have to say, I was rather disappointed with the ending. I personally think the episode would have been much more cliffhanger-y and shocking if the last thing we saw was Peter come up from the lake with the Observer watching. I didn’t need to see him in the hospital. In fact, it was no surprise to me that Olivia still wouldn’t remember him. Would it have been interesting if Peter didn’t remember anything, and that was the cliffhanger? Possibly. But that’s not what happened, and what was revealed to us was nothing new. I wanted that shock to last me a week.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to the next few episodes, and I certainly hope they’re able to fill some of the holes. I guess the main question the show left us with is, What’s next?

So what’d you think of Peter’s arrival back on the scene? Let me know!


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