Revenge: Catching Up on the Last Two Weeks

REVENGE: 1.03 “Betrayal”
REVENGE: 1.04 “Duplicity”

I caught up with Revenge this weekend with an episodic double feature. I’ll do my best to remember which is which, but I’ll start with saying how much I enjoyed them both.

Though, I guess with the addition of Tyler, it looks like Emily Thorne might have some difficulties moving forward. I’m not sure whether he knows what’s going on, just likes his buddy, or has his own plan going on, but either way, he’s certainly destroying the relationship she’s starting with Daniel. At the time we last left Revenge, Emily and Daniel have barely spoke, and Daniel thinks she’s cheating on him with Jack. I’m not the only one who hopes Emily can put her plan aside and get with Jack (I’m sure), but either way, it’s certainly adding a wrench to her plan for retribution.

Nolan’s getting a little on my nerves, though. He’s just in the way a lot. While I like that Emily has a confidante — and I adore seeing her turn threatening and all dark-side with him — he’s just around way too much. He has a bit of an obnoxious attitude, and I just wonder when he’s going to be that one crack in her mask. Will he be Emily’s downfall?

Victoria was a little blah in these episodes. Her demeanor is becoming old hat. I do like that Emily’s setting her and her family up for some hard times, sending emails from their IP address and putting her name as the owner (or renter) of Dr. Banks’ prison. I did find it interesting that Victoria did have a moment of regret and wavered in the plan to put Emily’s (then Amanda’s) father in prison. She did ask the DA to please tell the judge to let him free. But apparently that didn’t do all that much.

What I was most horrified was discovering Victoria’s role in Amanda’s own childhood. It was bad enough to be taken away from your father. But to have her institutionalized, separated from others and especially her family, that’s just horrible. I’d want to take some revenge on Dr. Banks as well.

Really, the only weak spot in this series is Declan and Charlotte. I could really care less about these two. What about you?

Sorry for such a short review, folks. It’s hard to remember details from each episode when I’m playing catch up. But tell me your thoughts and your favorite part. I think this still might be one of the best new shows of the fall, so I’m looking forward to discovering more (hopefully next time, on Wednesday night).


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