Thursday Open Thread: Busy TV Night

I’m not too late! I’m not too late! It’s still Thursday. For only a few more hours on the East Coast, but it’s still officially Thursday.

I realized that part of the reason I keep missing Thursday open threads I because I’m so darn busy! I blame fall television. After all, I’m watching A LOT. What about you?

What’s your busiest night of TV this fall?

Thursday naturally stay busy, but I’ve been able to keep up with it. I usually watch my NBC comedies and DVR the CW or vice versa. Plus, since I refuse to watch that crappy show Whitney, there’s still half an hour in there to play with. And I’m not even watching anything at 10:00, so I can start watching what I’ve taped early.

Surprisingly enough, Wednesdays are severely kicking my butt. Two weeks now, I’ve missed Revenge because of American Horror Story. On top of that, I’m missing Restaurant Impossible, which means if any of these are in reruns, I’m still juggling two shows. And there are two full hours of comedies on beforehand, so there’s really no break. It’s making it tough.

What about you? What’s your busy night of TV? Or, if you DVR, what night’s making your recorder tired?

I swear, I better catch up soon. I don’t want to end up on the wrong side of Emily Thorne.


One thought on “Thursday Open Thread: Busy TV Night

  1. Thursday is probably the busiest night for me. I have Vampire Diaries at 8pm. Then at 9pm, I have The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and Bones. Luckily Bones doesn’t start until November, so I’ve been able to watch one of the 9pm shows and DVR the other. But when it starts, I’m only able to DVR 2 channels at the same time, so Grey’s gets bumped and I’ll end up watching it online.

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