Parenthood: Welcome, Bravermans, New and Old

PARENTHOOD: 3.05 “Nora”

Did I miss where they named the baby in this episode? I didn’t think they told us her name. But the episode’s name is “Nora,” so I’m going to guess that that was the name they picked for brand-new baby Braverman.

This episode was all about growth. Well, ok, for Peter it was about making an ass of himself. And boy did I enjoy that! But for everyone else, it was really about growth. Kristina, of course, had brand-new baby Braverman, and Crosby got past their differences by standing at her side the entire time. Crosby, in a lot of ways, really has grown into a respectable guy — you just can’t see it all the time.

He didn’t help himself with this whole contract business. He told Peter they had a client, and then you found out that that wasn’t quite true. They hadn’t yet agreed. That doesn’t help him. But I do think he has a good point about Jabbar’s doctor. Should he care if Kristina’s brand-new baby Braverman goes to that doctor? No, that’s an overreaction. But I think it’s fair that he be concerned for Jabbar. That’s a blurring of lines that I just don’t think is easy. It is awkward, as a father, to have to call your ex’s boyfriend if your son’s sick. More so, if the relationship doesn’t work out (and let’s face it, this is Parenthood we’re talking about), imagine going back to that doctor after the breakup. It’s incredibly weird. And I think Jasmine should have thought that far ahead.

Plus, shouldn’t there be some rule where he shouldn’t ask out his patients’ parents? Perhaps that’s a step too far.

Anyway, Crosby has it right in this case, even if he doesn’t show it in a mature way. Staying with this family for a moment, let’s go back to Max’s argument with Jabbar. He’s now got lunch detention and an apology assignment, and Jabbar gets off scot-free. I won’t say anything about the punishments exactly, but my favorite part of this episode was watching Amber work with Max. I’d forgotten that they had no aid for him (Kristina brought that up in her argument with Crosby), and it looks like Amber might be the solution to this problem. I’ve always liked Amber, and when she has mature plotlines, she’s certainly a strong character in the series. I’m glad they’re using her in new and different ways.

Meanwhile, there’s Sarah, who’s ex Seth came back into town. Sarah handled herself well (Zeek certainly didn’t), and I was impressed with her chat with Mark. My only question is, what would scare him away? Sarah handled herself beautifully, considering that she found her drunk, unemployed ex on her doorstep. If she had hit him or yelled at him or various other things, sure, she could be frightened, but here, she did everything right. Great job.

Finally, we have Julia, who at the end of the episode got her baby. Or at least a handshake. Watching Zoe in this episode was quite interesting. You could see the wheels turning in her head as she observed every inch of Julia’s home, family, and relationships. As she turned away crying, having just given up her child, you could really feel at least some of what she was going through. It was touching. And lovely.

Hopefully, this won’t turn into some story where we find out that she changes her mind because it was certainly a happy ending. And we get so few of those in Parenthood.


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