Terra Nova: Did I Like It? I Forget.

TERRA NOVA: 1.03 “What Remains”

Oh dear. What to say about this week’s Terra Nova. Hmmm.

Well, it was an interesting concept, a virus that made you forget. Specifically, a virus that made you forget by placing your mind in certain episodic time periods of your life so you don’t forget everything gradually but chunks at a time. Interesting. Interesting and completely far-fetched. But interesting.

But mainly just far-fetched. Especially when you consider that the one thing that stops this virus (and somehow heals you) is the common cold. Which, by the way, they don’t really explain how the common cold even made it to Terra Nova (you’d think they’d screen people and leave out the ones who were sick when they were choosing people to start this new world) or how the common cold blocked the virus. Also, JC predicted that one about 15 minutes before Jim’s wife did.

I don’t quite know how to take this show. I thought we’d really spend some time looking at how they’re trying to repopulate the human race in this new series. But it’s feeling a little more sci-fi cookie-cutter to me.

Oh, I’m walking a fine line here. Don’t take that in a bad way, just hear me out.

It’s not that sci-fi cookie-cutter is bad, but it has a typical formula: You jump into the middle of the action in the cold open, and then our leads spend the rest of the episode stopping whatever it is to a happy ending. (Maybe I’m thinking more old school sci-fi than today’s Battlestar Galacticas and such.)

And that’s what Terra Nova‘s done in its last two episodes. Which is fine. But I would have thought maybe mid-season or even seasons 2 or 3 would get that treatment. Right now, we still don’t know the characters (here’s the Raked Round Character Test: Name three characteristics about each character in the series; if you can’t name three, they definitely need development) and we really don’t know anything about how Terra Nova functions, how it was created, or anything like that. What’s the plan? What’s the goal? How does everyone fit in?

It’s not that last night’s episode was bad, it just wasn’t really anything to write home about. Or write a blog about. Which is problematic when you review TV.


2 thoughts on “Terra Nova: Did I Like It? I Forget.

  1. A little too much “problem of the week” progression for me in the last couple of episodes. I’d like to see something a little less episode specific.

  2. Also, good point about cookie-cutter sci-fi feel. This show’s plotting and characterization feels like something that would have been on the air in the early 90s.

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