Thursday Open Thread: Favorite New Show

Finally! The open thread has returned! This has really been all my fault. There’s so much going on on Wednesdays now that it’s difficult to keep up. Add in an open thread, and who knows how I’ll fit it all in. Well, this week, I’m trying.

So as a first attempt at getting some open thread action back on the menu (wow, hello, mixed metaphors), here we go:

What’s your favorite new show this fall?

This is a bit of a difficult question. I mean, I want to say Ringer just because I want to support SMG, but there are some incredibly flawed pieces of that show. Up All Night feels hit or miss to me. Suburgatory was a fantastic first episode, but last night’s didn’t hit the same beat.

So really, I don’t know. Maybe you can give me some ideas. Let me know yours in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Favorite New Show

  1. REVENGE! One of the best shows I have seen in a while, actually. Smart and fast-paced, with a great setting and aweome clothes. Love it. That’s about it. Shows that have lost DVR status: Ringer, 2 Broke Girls, and Free Agents (now a moot point). Hanging in there are Up All Night and New Girl. We shall see:)

  2. Deepa…with you full on with the Revenge rating, however, I’m still on board (but with one leg on the railing) with Up All Night. Both legs still on deck with the others (Ringer, 2 Broke Girls and Free Agents. I think New Girl is one of the best new comedies. Can figure out who of the three roomies sh’e going to get drunk and sleep with like Big Bang with Raj and Penny so to speak!
    While no reviews have been seen about X-Factor I’d be qwrong to to provide my two cents worth. I REALLY, REALLY wanted to not like this show but I have been pleasantly surprised with the way it has gone. Never thought I’d say it has one-upped Idol but it has two Upped them already. Good to see that Simon has stayed on his meds and remains fairly mellow. Paula must be sharing but even her dose has been well controlled.
    Wednesday nights continue to fill my PVR box but after a few viewings I have eliminated Terra Nova (just plain too far fetched) and Person of Interest (evenn further fetched), Pan Am (old enough to remmeber those outfits and didn’t like them then), Playboy Club (we never even knew you).
    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks….

  3. Long time no comment due to a job that works me 50+ hours a week which also means I barely have time to sleep let alone watch my usual comfort television block, however….

    I had Columbus Day off and boy did I take advantage. I caught up on Warehouse, watched The New Girl (disappointing, but potential to be steady hit or steady blah), 2 Broke Girls (laugh tracks are the devil’s work), Up All Night (it needs to find that funny bone and stick to it), Prime Suspect (still haven’t seen Mirren’s version but I quite like Bello’s take), the Killing, and even polished off season 3 of Charmed (cliffhanger what what).

    Of those, the only one I’m sure I’ll stick with thus far is Prime Suspect. I thought I was done with cop shows and then The Chicago Code primed me (and was then tragically and predictably culled) and Prime Suspect brought me back. I guess I’ll always be a sucker for a well thought out crime drama. Not that PS is all that well thought out – actually right now I’m only in it for Bello and her hat but I have faith that that will change.

    As much of a Zooey fan as I am, I feel like the New Girl is forcing her comedy. Miraculously it has no laugh track.

  4. @kumquat, it’s funny that you mention Prime Suspect. I’ve actually been rebelling against procedurals because there are just so many and none stuck out to me, but I’m curious now that it’s got a recommendation. Nice.

    Also, the first three seasons of Charmed far exceed the later seasons. Though it still tugs a sentimental string in my heart.

    @Steve, Pan Am is growing on me, especially with Sunday’s episode, but I don’t think it will last for much longer.

    Surprised to hear positive things about X Factor. Everything I’ve read has been ruthless. I’m not big on talent competition shows (singing, dancing, whatever), so I haven’t been watching, but that’s one of the first positive things I’ve heard. But then again, I haven’t read anything lately. Perhaps it found it’s stride?

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