Parenthood: Broken Hearts, Children, and E-Reptile Disfunction

PARENTHOOD: 3.04 “Clear Skies from Here on Out”

Uggh. The worst part about Alex and Haddie’s breakup is the fact that we’re left with Haddie. Couldn’t we get Alex out of this deal? You know, someone breaks up, and you have to choose sides because you’re mutual friends and blah blah blah I choose Alex.

But I am surprised that our little lovebirds are over. Haddie really hasn’t shown a maturity level at all this season (see my note about her five-year-old behavior in the last episode), and clearly, Alex was feeling it. Ok, so I felt a little bad for her. She seemed entirely clueless and was a bit blindsided by his declaration. I felt worse for Alex, though. His discussion with Kristina was just so honest; he really was a part of the family, and he was leaving it. While I don’t want him with Haddie again, I will miss him on the show.

I just hope Haddie doesn’t whine too much in the weeks to come.

Really, the highlight of this episode was Drew. Man, his little date was adorable. I think they need to spend every episode with this kid. He and his new gal pal are just cute together, and his awkwardness makes for some fantastically entertaining TV.

On the other hand, there’s Jasmine. Uggh, Jasmine. Ok, I see her point: Jabbar shouldn’t have to hang out with someone just because they tell him to. But I think that Crosby had a good point to say that sometimes you have to help out your cousin. Did he need to say something was wrong with him? Well, out of context, that sounds awful. I can’t quite remember if he said that in exact words, but somehow, Jabbar picked up on it. But after hearing Peter gush about how Jabbar was making Max so happy, what could you do? It’s a complicated situation, but I don’t think Crosby was in the wrong exactly. I’m glad he and Peter seemed to have gotten past it by the end of the episode. Sadly, Jasmine has never been capable of that in her three seasons on the show, so come next week (and the few after, I bet), we won’t be so lucky.

I could say some stuff about Zeek, but I have little to say. Camille was the real story, and while I felt for her while she chatted with Sarah, her attitude toward Zeek later in the episode just kinda bugged me. She seemed so cold, and he was so excited. Apparently, venting wasn’t enough. But she did have a good talk with Sarah. That was a nice scene.


One thought on “Parenthood: Broken Hearts, Children, and E-Reptile Disfunction

  1. The scene with Alex and Kristina was just great. I was encouraged by Camille mentioning that she promised her afternoon to the soup kitchen; I hope that means we still get to see Alex every once and a while because he’s one of my favorite characters.

    I like this show, but oh boy, next week’s episode looks full of crazy melodrama. Not sure if I can handle it.

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