Secret Circle: That Sweet Bound Magic

Finally catching up on some reviews after a long weekend away from the computer. Bear with me.

SECRET CIRCLE: 1.03 “Loner”

Cassie is already our poor Buffy. Remember when Buffy dated Scott Hope, only to have him dump her because she just never seemed there and wasn’t all that fun? Cassie’s getting there. She’s already been dumped because she had her mind on someone else and ditched the dance to do a witchy pow-wow. Ok, so maybe she’s not Buffy yet, but we can already see where she’s going.

Plus, she almost got killed. That’s certainly not a great start.

I still don’t know what to make of this series. We’re finding out very little of what Faye and Diana’s parents are up to (and what Cassie has to do with it), but we are finding out a little more about the past. How does Heather Barnes fit in with everything?

Meanwhile, we had the one main plot point, which was the attack by Zachary Star. Now, for being such a powerful circle, I did find them rather lame. Part of their defense was to knock all the lockers open and shoot paper out? Really? I mean, I understand that they’re trying to learn more about how to do their magic, but given the emotions involved, you’d think that they had more power to do something bigger.

And really, it’s quite fortunate that Faye’s mother secretly knows about them. Because their excuse was just kind-of ridiculous.

Meanwhile, I just still wish that Faye would be more like her mother. She’s still a very flat character, and her “bad side” still makes me shake my head and wince. Also, there were a few times Tonkin’s Australian accent was coming out. No matter what, she’s still the weakest link in this show.

But I’ve said all that before. I do want to spend a little less time on Faye and more on some other members of the circle. I’m sure we can do some interesting things with Diana (beyond the love triangle, that still feels forced with little chemistry). I’m warming up to Melissa, so I do like her. She could be fun. And strangely enough, I’m actually liking Sally, even though she’s not part of the circle. I actually want to see Cassie try to maintain a “real life” outside the circle.

So solid episode. Not much more to say than that!


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