Suburgatory: The Land of Pink and Plastic

SUBURGATORY: 1.01 “Pilot”

So maybe it’s not the most unique premise. For one thing, I keep wanting to call this Suburbia, the failed sitcom of Bob Saget’s (if it even made it on the air in the first place). And you can kind-of guess where the jokes are going to land: plastic boobs, ridiculous neighbors, lots of pink. But damn, this was one funny premiere.

I wasn’t expecting much (mainly because of the premise). But Jane Levy was a pleasure, and while it took me a while to warm up to Jeremy Sisto (come on, he’s the jerk from Clueless!), the two make a great pair as Tessa and George. And they do stand out in the land of perfect lawns and good manners.

But really, while I enjoyed laughing out loud for 30 minutes, the best part of the series was how it turned around in the end. This isn’t a story about a girl who’s moved to suburbia because her father found condoms in her dresser drawer. It’s a story about a girl who grew up without her mother and a father who doesn’t know how to raise a teenage girl. The moment Tessa showed the sports bra that she wore as a regular bra, I saw a girl who great up without someone to tell her how to buy a bra. Someone who was hiding, to an extent, her girly parts because her father didn’t really know how to deal with it.

So the touching end, as Tessa held the “prettiest thing she owned” was rather interesting. Suburbia’s not going to be so bad. George might be right. But in the meantime, it’s sure going to be fun to watch.

Short and sweet, I know, but from a show that got little press and was one that I really was planning to ignore, it might just be the best new show of the season. And that’s high praise from me.


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