Revenge: I Liked It, but Here Are My Nitpicks

REVENGE: 1.02 “Trust”

My headline says pretty much what I’m about to do here. I like Revenge. I still contend that it’s one of the best new series this season. And this episode did a good job. We kind-of see what episodes are going to be like now: progressing the Emily/Daniel relationship until that fateful engagement party while introducing new people to destroy each episode along the way. At least that’s what I assume. Anyway, it seems to work as a formula, so we’ll see how that goes. I enjoyed the episode. But I did have a few nitpicks.

The major one being, how could they not trace this back to Emily? I mean, she was the one who told Bill to go for the stock and was the one who leaked the false information. It was no secret who told him the “tip.” Now, she did secretly tell all of his clients what happened. That couldn’t be traced back. But wouldn’t he start wondering that maybe she did give him false information in the first place and ask her about it? That just seemed like a risky move.

Second, have we learned yet how Amanda created Emily Thorne? Clearly, there’s a background to her. Did she take someone else’s identity, or did she create some sort of persona with all of the money that she has? How is it that this detective is finding out information about a person who doesn’t exist? Now, my guess is that this is a mystery that will be revealed throughout the rest of the series. Perhaps they do find out that Emily Thorne was someone who existed until 16, but then disappeared. Amanda could easily have taken over that life once she was emancipated at 18. So perhaps we’ll find that out. But right now, it all just seems to easy.

Last, the video footage she keeps watching of the trial from way back when (had to be at least 15 years) will get very tired, very quickly. Also, that HD footage would certainly not exist 15 years ago. It makes me almost want her to search through microfiche (though some of our younger viewers might not know what that is) or old newspaper scraps to find out the information, not keep tuning in to some news stream specific to that case. I mean, yes, it’s convenient for us viewers, but it’s a little convenient.

So those are my nitpicks. I won’t mention that poor Sammy the dog would probably be dead by now, or that I care very little about Declan, and I didn’t mind seeing him get punched. Maybe I’ll warm up to him, I don’t know. But I’m still very invested in Emily Thorne, and I want to see what happens next. I seem to be saying that a lot this season. That’s a good thing, right?

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