Parenthood: Parenting and Dating

PARENTHOOD: 3.03 “Step Right Up”

Before I start this post, I want to offer you readers an opportunity to share your own thoughts in the comments. Unfortunately, I missed some of the episode in the middle, so consider this a bookend review. I’ll review what I saw, and what I had recapped to me in the middle. Aka, I’ll do the best I can.

It was a decent episode. Nothing too flashy. DB Woodside, who played one of my least favorite characters on Buffy (not my absolute least — that was Kennedy), made an appearance. I did have to push my ugly feelings aside for this one. He was cute enough with Jabbar, and while Jasmine gave Crosby the dagger-eyes for asking his question about the wheat allergy, I thought it fair for him to ask. Did anyone else find that Jasmine took the diagnosis lightly? I’m not saying wheat allergies are the worst thing ever and you need to freak out, but eliminating wheat from your diet is pretty difficult — and I can only imagine it’s made worse when you’re feeding a picky child. But anyway…

It was no surprise that he would later ask Jasmine out, and I’m not too thrilled with the storyline. Perhaps, though, that’s because I’ve never been a big fan of Jasmine, and I still need to get used to Woodside.

By far my favorite part of this episode was Drew’s storyline. By the way, we’ve apparently seen so little of Drew that totally didn’t recognize him at first and thought they cast a different actor. Sure, he looks different with his new hair and all, but we’ve had two previous episodes this season. Shouldn’t I have noticed sooner? Poor Drew, the forgotten child.

Anyway, watching him try to get up the nerve to ask out the girl was just so cute. I loved most of all how Zeek kept getting in the way and eventually he was the awkward, bumbling grampa just trying to get out of the way for his grandson. It was cute. And I heard I missed an absolutely awkward yet hilarious scene where he went to her house, only to release her dog into the wild. I might have to rewatch the episode just for that.

All this to say, I’m glad he finally got some camera time.

Speaking of the younger generation, let’s move on to Haddie. Or, more so, let’s move on to Alex. I could have cheered when Alex told her this was his problem and that him — only him — could deal with it. It’s serious stuff and he has to deal with it. Haddie’s so self-absorbed and clueless, and she needed that figurative slap in the face. Of course, the real ballsy move was done by Adam, who confronted the kid’s parents. I still don’t know how the parents got off scott-free after having so many underaged kids drunk in their home, but Adam’s speech made them change their mind, saving Alex from potential jail time. I’m happy for Alex. More so, I’m happy we’ll get that awful worried face off of Haddie. Uggh.

Speaking of, did anyone notice how juvenile she was when she found out the charges were dropped? Jumping around like a five-year-old? She was excited, sure, but it did show us even more how she’s really not as mature as she wishes she was.

What else? Well, Adam and Kristina are having a girl, alleviating some of the stress for their unborn child. There’s not too much more to add to that. And we found out why Julia was turned down from motherhood from coffee girl. The answer wasn’t all that surprising. She wants to be completely cut off from the child, a clean break. It’s completely understandable. How could you face the woman who adopted your child every day? And if you’re Julia, how could you face the biological mother every day? It just adds a level of complication that neither party should want.

So I guess they’re still searching. Maybe they’ll just adopt Adam and Kristina’s baby girl. Just kidding, of course. The Braverman family’s not that weird. Are they?


2 thoughts on “Parenthood: Parenting and Dating

  1. I like this show. I like that they do something different with this whole family story. I do agree with your opinion on Jasmine. She did take the diagnosis lightly but maybe it was because she was willing to do whatever it takes as mother to ensure her child would be safe. I don’t have a problem with the doctor asking her out. They’re two single people who want to get to know each other. But then again, I don’t have a problem with either of the actors or characters. I, for one, am really happy that they’re adding more black characters to the show.
    i do agree with you on Drew. For a moment I was asking myself if it was the same actor playing him. I think they could show more of him. He’s so awkward and funny and sarcastic. it’s great.
    Haddie has always been my least favorite character on this show. First off, I hate her new hair with a passion. It does make her look more like she could be Max’s sister in real life but it is terrible. Her personality is what makes me dislike her. She isn’t ready for this relationship with Alex and I don’t see it lasting. ( Which sucks because I love Alex and would like to see him as a character on the show for a longer time ) I think he’s too good for her. She has a lot of growing up to do and doesn’t understand his life and his problems.
    I was proud of Adam for going to speak to Alex and to the kid’s parents. This is something he definitely would not have done last season. It did need to be done. Alex is a great guy and he needed someone on his side to prove what a good kid he is. Alex has really gotten to shine lately with his scenes, they’ve been so powerful that they almost made me cry.

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