HIMYM: We’re Going Back to the Start

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 7.03 “Ducky Tie”

Well, this episode certainly wasn’t what I expected. The Ted/Victoria storyline was a bit too nice in my book. I guess I need to remember that their breakup did happen, oh, six years ago and not every time I pop season 1 into my DVD player or catch it on syndicated reruns. Victoria’s moved on and is happy, and she herself was considering cheating on Ted.

But I do agree that it’s a technicality. Ted did cheat; Victoria did not.

Either way, their interaction was rather peaceful. More than civil, even friendly. But it’s what this show needed. Even I wish that the mother was Victoria and while we all knew that she wasn’t, I think bringing her back to really show the fans that it’s not her and that it could never be her will add a little closure to the saga we call How I Met Your Mother.

Meanwhile, it was the end that really took me by surprise. Once again, it’s all about Robin. This takes us way back in the way-back machine — past Victoria and all the way to the series premiere. The whole reason Robin was introduced in the first place. Clearly, she must have some big part in Ted’s future…but please don’t make them get back together. We know she’s not the mother, and that’s just not a side step we can take after Zoey last year. <<Shiver>>

Now, the rest of the Ted storyline was entertaining. I enjoyed seeing the Charlie Chaplin-esque routine as he tried to avoid Victoria. Robin’s interference, while strange, was laugh-out-loud funny. Ultimately, well done!

But about the ducky tie bet…

From the start, I knew that somehow Barney would end up wearing that ducky tie. Saying he had to wear it for a full year was too easy. You knew that somehow, they’d make sure that he was wearing it for a good portion of the rest of the season. It’s just so against anything Barney wears; you have to do it.

And while I laughed and was entertained throughout the episode, when I look back on that B-plot, I just kind-of shake my head. It was just kind-of ok. Perhaps I’m just one that doesn’t care as much about Lily’s boobs as the rest of us (please, take a moment to gasp in horror). But I did appreciate that Barney could basically concoct this plan from the beginning (even if I didn’t quite understand how the sneezes fit in). Part of me now wishes Barney had won, just to see how Lily could live with herself after Barney touched her boob, and because I have a feeling I’ll get very tired of the ducky tie.

I can only imagine how it will be destroyed later this season.

Anyway, it was a good episode, but most of all, I’m just wondering what’s to come. Which is a nice change for HIMYM. I’m not annoyed or frustrated and just desperately wanting to get past what’s going on to find out the mother already. I’m genuinely interested to see what happens next.


2 thoughts on “HIMYM: We’re Going Back to the Start

  1. The sneezing was HIMYM’s version of Pavlov’s dog. Barney’s sneezing was the dinner bell. Marshall’s desire for hibatchi was the dog drooling.

    Overall I was impressed with the episode. It managed to flaunt that chemistry that Ted and Victoria had without actually giving it to the audience. (I’ll still be hoping she shows back up at some point. The hell with Klaus.) It managed to somewhat get Ted off the hook in the karma department. (He dealt with 6 years of guilt when Victoria wasn’t exactly in good conscience either.) And it dropped a bomb at the end: a new question that for the time being is more important than who the mother is.

    How does our little group fall apart?

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