The ‘Secret Circle’ and the Standout Star

SECRET CIRCLE: 1.02 “Bound”

I’m struggling with what to say about this series. Part of it is because I know the books, and I’m trying to put that aside. But knowing the characters there and meeting the characters here, there’s just this tension.

Tension #1: Diana. Diana was a main character in the books, but unfortunately, she really wasn’t a very round, deep character. Very one-sided. Very goody-goody. And you’d think that if they were revamping the series in a new and different way, they’d fix this. They’ve eliminated a lot of characters, which means that there’s and opportunity to put some focus on her. But instead, she’s kinda dull. And then I start wondering, why should I care about her and Adam’s relationship — and the tension between him and Cassie — because I really haven’t seen Diana and Adam be all that great together, mainly because of Diana.

Tension #2: Faye. Blarg. Faye still sucks. I’m sorry, but she’s just not threatening. I just don’t get why they cast this girl as Faye. Now, look at Faye’s mother. Seriously, she could take a number of lessons from her own mother on how to be evil and sinister. This is just black-and-white, melodramatic “bad girl” and it doesn’t cut it.

Tension #3: Boobs. Did anyone else notice how many boobs were flying around this episode? These are high schoolers, for goodness’ sake. I don’t need to see all that! Stuff it in your shirt people!

Ok, all that aside, at least we’ve developed the series a bit. But there’s really only one person I really care about after this episode, and that’s Faye’s mother. There’s a real question here about what side she’s on. I mean, for a while there, you thought she was bad. I mean, she’s working with Diana’s father, who killed Cassie’s mother. But then she made it clear that he was abusing the limited power they had — and she was shocked that Faye was using power — so she took that away and saved Sally. But then she killed her own father-in-law. It’s back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, and you just don’t know what game she’s playing or plan she’s hatching. It’s fascinating.

Cassie is doing well, though, and I wonder what’s going to happen now that their “bound.” I’m surprised that Cassie didn’t jump into her own book to see what binding really meant, but I like that she still hasn’t jumped into the magic situation with both feet. She’s still hesitant, and I like that.

I wonder where this show goes, though. Right now, we’re spending a lot of time trying to understand powers. But we all know how that turned out with Heroes. It can’t go on forever. What happens ten episodes down the road? Or a season? As of right now, I just still don’t know what to expect in The Secret Circle, and I wouldn’t mind knowing more faster.

With fewer boobs, I should add.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Secret Circle’ and the Standout Star

  1. Based on the admittedly early run of this show, how would you say it compares to Vampire Diaries early episodes from last year?

  2. I have to agree on the boobs comment. I know the network wants viewers but will they also resort to a shower scene next?
    I didn’t read the books so my opinions on the show are based solely on what I see.
    I actually find Diana interesting. She seems like a goody goody but I don’t think she really is. Faye might be the “bad girl” but she doesn’t run the circle. No matter how bad Faye wants to act she still listens to Diana. The circle does not make a major move without her saying so. Yes, they do their little magic here and there but they listen to what she says. Like binding their powers. They were all against it ( except for her boyfriend ) and yet they still did what she demanded by the end. I think she has a little bit of her father in her and we’ll see that come out.
    Faye is annoying. And am I the only one who hears her accent poking out all the time. It’s so obvious. And Faye’s mom is definitely evil. She’s using her own kids to get her power back. Yes, she’s more careful than Diana’s father but she kills when she feels she needs to. What kind of mother would let her kids mess around with magic, potentially hurting themselves, just to further her own ends?
    I didn’t watch last night’s episode yet but I still think binding their powers was incredibly stupid. I wouldn’t have done it. I would not want to rely on the circle for my powers. I agreed with Faye, practice was the answer not the binding.
    Speaking of the binding: I thought the ceremony would have been a lot cooler than it was. They just stood around a fire and recited some words from a book. Very anti-climatic.

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