The Good Wife: It’s Back!

Let’s welcome our new writer, TheGoodFan! Writing for us all the way from Canada and bringing The Good Wife juiciness with her!

THE GOOD WIFE: 3.01 “A New Day”

“A New Day” marks the season three premiere of The Good Wife, picking up a short while after Alicia and Will entered a penthouse suite to consummate two seasons of steady flirtation and “bad timing.” Alicia walks into Lockhart/Gardner a whole new woman (new bangs always signal a personal transformation), but after a tense conversation with Will, they seem to be on the outs. In fact, it’s all a ploy to cover for the hot hot sex they’re having after hours. Up against walls. I rewound my DV-R just to double-check that for you.

Meanwhile, the case of the week manages to both introduce P.R. consultant Eli Gold’s new role within Lockhart/Gardener and bore the pants off of me. Okay, that’s an overstatement. But the combination of Israeli/Palestinian hate crime plotting, video game evidence, and a surprise gay affair turned murder did have me rolling my eyes. When you combine three clichés, does that make the storyline less cliché overall? It seemed a misstep by the typically forward-thinking writers of the series, but perhaps they had too much on their plate with this first episode after the break. And it did give Cary a starring role as the State Attorney’s point person in the courtroom. It seems he’ll be up against his old firm time and again this season.

In true Good Wife fashion, Alicia had to balance her busy days in court with tending to the homestead. Teen daughter Grace has brought home a bad report card, which I can only imagine means she received a few Bs and maybe a comment that she needs to assert herself more in Phys. Ed. But in a family of overachievers, this is reason enough to hire a tutor. We’ll see where this new friendship goes. For now, I’m just kind of confused by the socially awkward tutor’s spur-of-the-moment subway car dance routine. Sidebar: Mackenzie Vega as Grace is looking gorgeous, though definitely not fifteen.

Back on the case, Kalinda’s romantic past continues to haunt her, with former flame Sophia Russo trailing her as she investigates the on-campus murder. Sophia’s in the employ of the state’s attorney and teaming up with Cary to bury the defense. I’m pleased to see actress Kelli Giddish again, but I fear her new gig with Law and Order may spell the end of her days at the State’s Attorney’s office. All complaints aside, I will never regret seeing Kalinda and Sophia trading gay bar tips before manhandling a murderer. They’re ladies in skirts, getting things done. Hot.

After the murder confession at the gay bar essentially ends the case, Kalinda and Will inexplicably bond over drinks and talk about how Will wants to learn to feel, which makes me wonder if perhaps he’s not as emotionally invested in his new thing with Alicia as he believes Alicia is. Ruh-roh. It all raises the question: When you finally get what you want, will you still want it? I think we’re about to find out.

Next Week: Guest star Eddie Izzard! And Diane questions Will about the state of Alicia’s marriage. There’s probably some lawyerly stuff going on, too.


2 thoughts on “The Good Wife: It’s Back!

  1. I agree the case was flimsy at best. There wasn’t much more to it than what had been revealed through the leaked audition tape a guy posted on Youtube early this summer.
    The dynamic between the characters was firmly in place though and rolling already.

    Kalinda and Alicia still mostly functional, at least on the work side and not exactly the perfectly oiled team they once were, sadly. I don’t even know what I want any more with them. Maybe just have someone step into a time machine and drop Blake before he can break them for good. We’ll see what happens but I’d rather they were fighting than be so dismissive.

    Really not interested in the Cary/Kalinda routine they are going for. It feels forced and frankly, compared to the chemistry Sophia and Kalinda had in their scenes, Cary looked like a little boy. Totally out of Kalinda’s league, even when he’s not glaring at Alicia and acting like a jerk.

    I don’t have a huge investment in the Alicia/Will storyline so I was glad they didn’t make it the focus of the whole episode, like the season finale was. I did like what they made of it in the episode though. Instead of just being hot and going at it for fanservice, it was about the characters and who they are at this point compared to who they were when they lost the plot in college in a way.

    So now they can be together but the question is: is it worth it? Endangering their friendship, making things even more complicated at work… is it only lust? Do they really want it that bad?

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