Up All Night: Much MUCH Better

UP ALL NIGHT:  1.02 “Cool Neighbors”

See, this is why I hate pilots. I was so excited about Up All Night last week that I was completely let down due to the unfunny nature of the show. But I stuck it out (ok, so really nothing was on and I just watched it because of that — heck, that’s why I sat through Free Agents, too, uggh), and I was quite pleased. This episode was miles better than last week’s.

Perhaps it’s because the focus was on Reagan and Chris this time. Last week was really about Reagan and her job. This week, while sure, Ava was in it, she wasn’t front and center like last week. It was really about Reagan and Chris and their attempt to be cool again.

Tell me that wasn’t a relatable storyline. I loved it. I loved their discussions of loving things because they’re ironic (or claiming that’s the reason, anyway). I loved just trying to impress but then completely humiliating yourself at the same time (like the tequila bottle). Overall, it was just funny.

Especially the Facebook discussion. That was just great, all the way around.

Now Ava…well, she was ok. I really just wish this show were about the parents without some extra person involved. Those really are the best parts of the show. I wasn’t upset with Ava’s role in this episode, but I just didn’t care about it as much. I chuckled, maybe, but bring on the parenting cool-factor issues. Those were the best.

Anyway, this episode definitely turned me around on the series. I just hope upcoming episodes keep this same strategy


3 thoughts on “Up All Night: Much MUCH Better

  1. I agree! This episode was much better and really funny. The whole facebook part with Chris “liking” everyone was hilarious. I loved that they were fixing their profiles so they would look cool to their neighbors. Chris was so awkward whenever he was around the neighbors too (calling the guy “Mate”); It was funny.

  2. I agree – MUCH better. The policeman calling his cell phone and the ring tone song was perfect. I also love how they outed the neighbor’s pregnancy. The fact that Nick Cannon came over in the middle of the night to babysit was distractingly unrealistic, but besides that, it was ok. The baby wallet shopping trip was dumb.

  3. Was that Nick Cannon? I didn’t even notice! I thought it funny that he came by, but since he did so well soothing the baby at work, it suspended my disbelief that he’d just drop everything and come over late at night.

    I hope he wasn’t playing himself. That would be an embarrassing thing to miss.

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