Revenge: Perhaps the Best Premiere So Far

REVENGE: 1.01 “Pilot”

I have to give props for Revenge. For a show that I knew little about (all I knew wast that it was about a girl seeking revenge) and for one that I knew little about the actors (I really only knew Emily VanCamp, and she’s not exactly someone that I follow from show to show, like a Whedonite), this show really impressed. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was smart and interesting.

Did I just commend a new series? I think I did.

It wasn’t perfect, and I do have my reservations (I’ll get to those), but ultimately, I was surprisingly entertained. First and foremost, I thought the writers did a fantastic job spelling out legitimate reasons for revenge. Honestly, I thought it was going to just be that someone killed her dad, and she wanted revenge. But no. We have a plot with much more depth. They really did destroy her father and her life. They framed him for giving information to terrorists that led to a plane crash, killing over 100 people. Not only did he go to prison and lose any positive legacy, but poor Amanda was put into the system and came out a changed girl.

It really does give a good reason for revenge, you know?

Anyway, I was intrigued the whole time, and VanCamp actually did a decent job walking that line of innocence and deception. She didn’t do the soap opera “bad girl” look at every turn (I’ve complained about people doing this before, like Morgana on Merlin). She played the character well. And ultimately, we got to see a lot of characters in this episode and I felt like I got to know a good number of them.

My only complaint was the interaction between Victoria and her husband. I wish that she hadn’t pulled out that whole, “I destroyed an innocent man for you.” It’s been quite a long time. At this point, I’d much prefer for them to not discuss it, brush it under the rug, and pretend they didn’t do anything wrong. It would make Emily’s vengeance that much more surprising.

But ultimately, I liked the show. I do wish this had the Harper’s Island treatment, though, and only be one season. I don’t think this can go another season without running cold, and I’d hate to see it ruined. This would be fantastic as a limited-episode show, and it would be much cleaner.

What’d you think?


2 thoughts on “Revenge: Perhaps the Best Premiere So Far

  1. Courtney, I love your show recaps. You are a great writer. I too have been watching Revenge (and lots others you report on), but I must have missed this part – how did she get all this money to come to the Hamptons to get her revenge???

  2. Aww, thanks, Anne! I think that when Nolan dropped off the box with Amanda/Emily, he explained it. Her dad funded Nolan’s company, and when she turned 18, she got 49% of the company. I guess the company must be EXTREMELY successful, because she clearly has a lot to throw around (which I’ll get to in my next review of last night’s episode).

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