Vampire Diaries: Really? Stefan?

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 3.01 “The Birthday”

I meant to write a post before the premiere of The Vampire Diaries. My post was going to be about how no one really cares about Stefan, so why should we care if he goes evil? The only part that would be moderately gratifying was how much more direct the sexual tension between Elena and Damon is now that he’s not in the picture, but beyond that, who cares? He’s wood. He’s boring. And honestly, I just don’t care.

And for the most part, this episode doesn’t change my mind. I don’t find Klaus to be particularly frightening, even after he killed Jenna last year, and I don’t care if Stefan is evil. Ok, so there was a little something there at the end, when he finally showed an actual emotion (that might be the first time in three years), but that’s about it. Beyond that, blah.

But even ignoring Stefan, I was disappointed with this episode. It was just boring. We got very little development of Jeremy’s storyline. In fact, Bonnie was only in a quick video chat, and there were very few ghostly appearances. We still don’t know what that’s about or what they want, and while I didn’t expect answers, I expected more of a reaction and a presence. He’s going on with his life as though they’re not really there for the most part, which seems strange, since clearly time has passed and he’s still seeing them. Either he’d be going crazy, getting used to them, or trying to get to the root of the problem, not still being surprised when he sees them in public.

And while I loved the love triangle between Matt, Caroline, and Tyler, I guess I wasn’t expecting a sex-fest in the first episode of the season between Tyler and Caroline. I just wanted a little more time to pine and wonder or something.

Now, I will say that the final scene was great. What does Tyler’s mother know, and who told her? Her mom? Tyler? Matt? And why’d she tranq her? Why not kill her? What’s the deal?

That’s what keeping me going until the next episode and nothing else. Well, that and Damon, who really showed some real roundness of character in this episode. Beyond that, it was garbage.

I may be tough, but sorry. I just really don’t find much hope in a season basing so much on Stefan, one of the weakest characters. That’s almost like basing an entire season on Alaric. Actually, that would be more interesting.


2 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries: Really? Stefan?

  1. I don’t think I was as disappointed with this episode. Maybe because the season finale was kind of a let down, so I wasn’t expecting much. I am really into the Caroline and Tyler storyline, although I agree that they shouldn’t have rushed into sex so quickly. A little build-up would have been better. I’m very interested to see what Tyler’s mother knows! And how she knows!

    I also enjoyed Alaric in this episode. I thought it was funny how he admitted to being a bad chaperone while his students drank in front of him.

    And I wonder how long Stefan will continue to act like this. I was glad to see him show some emotion (I figured he was hiding it). But I wonder if he’ll go so long indulging himself that he will forget how he truly feels. Maybe just long enough for Damon and Elena to get together!

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