‘Up All Night’ Put Me to Sleep

UP ALL NIGHT: 1.01 “Pilot”

I’m so disappointed by Up All Night. From my recent post, you can see that I was very excited about the series. It looked really clever, really funny. And it was just…eh.

It’s not that I didn’t like the show. It just wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t that funny (now I see why it’s not on Thursday night), and it was rather slow. The highlight of the show was clearly Will Arnett (who I’ve never been a fan of in the past, so this is saying a lot). The scene with him in the grocery store was laugh-out-loud funny. If only the rest of the show was.

The problem was partially the awkward scene transitions. Well, the lack of scene transitions. Every time a scene closed, I thought we’d get a commercial break. At one point, I actually thought that we were seeing this show with no commercial interruption. It was just built that way. And it was weird.

Never have I ever watched a show and thought, “Oh, good. A commercial,” and then been disappointed when there wasn’t one.

Sadly, Christina Applegate just fell flat. She wasn’t funny at all. And for an actress that could carry Samantha Who?, I just expected more. Maybe she wasn’t given much to work with. But every scene with her in it just sucked the entire show dry. I was heartbroken. Maya Rudolph, who really isn’t playing that great of a character, at least gave a little entertainment, but that story was just uninteresting, and I wanted to see the interaction with the kid more than anything else.

Perhaps that was the problem. Up All Night felt like it was a show about new parents taking care of this kid. While we had scenes like that, it was much more the dulldrums of frustration of marriage (think of the scene where they were arguing about who was asleep) so it wasn’t cute or funny. It was dramatic and annoying. It was a downer.

Am I being too picky? Honestly, this was a show that I prioritized over a new episode of Restaurant Impossible, and eight minutes in, I was embarrassed to suggest it and just kept my fingers crossed that it would get better. Will I watch again? Well, I still have faith, and pilots are always rocky. So maybe. But with such a cute baby costarring, you’d think this would have given a better first impression.

But hey, I guess I forgot I was watching a new show on NBC.


4 thoughts on “‘Up All Night’ Put Me to Sleep

  1. I totally agree. I thought the show had potential based on the ads, so I watched the first episode. I don’t usually like either Christina Applegate or Maya Rudolph and didn’t like them any more in this. I do like Will Arnett, but even he didn’t make me want to watch again…

  2. I also agree. The show fell a little flat, but I’m still going to give it a chance. If it doesn’t improve, oh well. It’s too bad because I think it has the potential to be really good. I love Will Arnett and liked to see him in a show.

  3. I felt the same way. The only times I laughed out loud was when they woke up hungover and he offered her a million dollars to go, and then he asked if they were dead. Bc I have been there. I kind of wish they had kept the whole PR agency thing instead of the talk show. I’ll stick with it though; as I recall 30 Rock’s pilot was all over the place too…

  4. I must have been the only one who saw this new show differently. I had no expectations going into the first episode and therefore found the concept of new (and should never be) parents and their warped way of dealing with a new baby. I laughed throughout the whole 1/2 hour and can’t wait to see episode 2.

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