Thursday Open Thread: Most Anticipated New Series

It’s official! Fall TV has begun! Huzzah! And yay. And if there hadn’t been web difficulties yesterday, the first review of the new fall shows would already be up. Well, I guess you’ll have to wait. I’ll get it up again. Once…you know…I rewrite it.

Anyway, here’s my question to you:

With all the new series starting this fall, what’s your most anticipated new series?

Me, well, that’s a toughie. I want to say Secret Circle (starts tonight, whoo hoo!), but I have my reservations. Ringer would have been on the list, but does it count since it’s already aired? Revenge looks intriguing, but it might be sustainable. And there’s certainly something to be said about Terra Nova, but do you think FOX can pull it off?

So what do you think? Those are all just first impressions on ones that I’m keeping my eye on. So right now, well, I have no answer. Maybe your answers will make me change my mind!

Let me know in the comments.


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