Ringer: I’m Intrigued, but… (This time, with words!)

RINGER: 1.01 “Pilot”

Well, apparently, we had some technical difficulties here on Raked. Serves me right for typing a post and hopping on a plane, assuming technology would serve its purpose. For those of you who tuned into a blank post, sorry. I’m trying again now.

Anyway, Ringer started off the new fall season for me on Tuesday. I have to say, I’ve been anticipating this series and the return of SMG, despite some reservations about whether it’s on the right network or whether it’s a sustainable series. We’ll just have to see.

But as I turned on the TV on Tuesday, I had a new hesitation that I didn’t consider before: Would I see anything new in this pilot that I hadn’t seen in the promo? Well, we did see some new things. But there was one thing I wish I hadn’t seen. Namely, the end!

Why, promo? Why did you have to tell me Siobhan was alive? Man, what a reveal that would have been. Seriously. If only it hadn’t been spoiled by the promo. Alas, there was just no umph there since I already knew.

I will say, it was a neat moment. I liked the Mad Men-esque moment as Siobhan was smoking her cigarette while pregnant. In fact, I can already see the upcoming scene when Siobhan reveals herself Darla-style, fully preggo. Anyway…

Back to Bridget and her new world. I feel like the pilot was a little too jumpy for my taste. I mean, you really had to pay attention, and you really didn’t know where you were from scene to scene (and I won’t even mention the terrible green screen). I realize at the beginning of the episode, the point was so that you didn’t know which twin was in the scene. But then we’d hop to when Bridget walked in on Juliet and her beau, and you had no idea where she was, who she was with, or how Bridget knew who she was if she hadn’t talked to Siobhan in five years. Did we mention Juliet before and I just missed it?

What I did like, though, was the intrigue. There are certainly plenty of questions that have yet to be answered. What does Andrew know, and what game did Siobhan have him playing? Does he know the baby’s not his? Somehow, I think he probably does, but I wonder why. And in that case, does he know that this woman isn’t really Siobhan?

And why is someone out to kill her? What I find most interesting is Siobhan’s intentions. Is it really just to save her own skin, or does it have something to do with Sean, who clearly Bridget had something to do with his death.

It seems like Ringer might be more like Revenge after all.


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