Parenthood: New Season, New Hair, Same Awful Haddie!

PARENTHOOD: 3.01 “I Don’t Want to Do This Without You”

The season premiere of Parenthood snuck up on me last night. Seriously, I didn’t find out until about a week ago. I’m just glad I remembered. If only I’d remembered sooner, so perhaps I could have rewatched the season finale. I was a little rusty. Sure, the “previously on…” helped, but I wish I’d remembered more.

But since last season, a lot has changed. Kristina is uber-pregnant (seriously, I thought she was going to give birth at Sarah’s party when the baby started kicking). Everyone got haircuts, for the most part: Amber, Haddie, Drew (yes, he was in the episode, though I don’t think he had a line). For those who didn’t get haircuts, they got new makeup (helloooo, Sarah). So really, everything looked very different.

Well, except Haddie. Despite her new look, she was exactly the same. Annoying and unattractive. Seriously, she’s not an ugly girl. Why can’t they get her hair right?!

Anyway, let’s move on to the plot. Honestly, Sarah was adorable in this episode. I loved her reaction to the kiss. And the fact that when the teacher showed up at her house, she wondered whether he brought a restraining order. Seriously, loved her in this episode. Even as she was looking at Amber’s new apartment. Her reaction was completely what any mother (or me, for that matter) would have said, and I loved her faked enthusiasm with the huge smile followed by a grimace. Really, she was great.

Let’s pause on Amber for a moment. I can’t quite remember much from last season, other than her acting out and getting in the accident. Is she still the bad seed? Can someone explain to me how she can be so maddening in this show yet likable, while Haddie (the “good” kid) is completely obnoxious no matter what? Blah.

About Haddie. I’m not thrilled with where her story took her this episode. She didn’t even hesitate in taking the jello shot, despite her alcoholic boyfriend. You’d think after hearing so much about what he went through, she would realize what one jello shot could do. Most people would at least hesitate — that, or act out in anger and do it. Here, she just jumped in with both feet just because. I didn’t understand why.

And as for the fight, I would have much prefered this episode end with Haddie and Alex ending up in the fight, not Alex and the other kid. And how was Alex the only one arrested when there were so many underage kids drunk at that party? Anyway, the fact that he had a record was no surprise to me. In fact, I was convinced he was on parole. I don’t know why. He’s a good kid, and it sucks that he’s getting charged. Seriously, Haddie’s been nothing but trouble for him.

Then there was Adam and Crosby. First, can we give a big cheer that Jasmine wasn’t in much of the episode? Yay! Anyway, the whole recording studio plan sounds like a disaster. I’m sure we’ll see that in the weeks to come.

Finally, I wish Julia would stop referring to the situation as “I want to buy her baby.” Come on. Just say that she wants to adopt the baby. Bah. But seriously, I don’t see this working out. Could you give your child up to someone you see every day? Somehow I can see this moving along the path and ultimately, the baby stays with the child’s mom. Or maybe I’m wrong. I guess we’ll see.

Otherwise, I’m just glad new TV is back! This episode balanced fun, humor, and drama (bah to you, Haddie!), so let’s keep our fingers crossed that at least the good stuff continues in the episodes to come.


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