Thursday Open Thread: Sports Shows!

Tonight, after a long off-season highlighted by a bitter contract dispute between players and owners, the NFL returns to television and certain domination of Sunday afternoon/evening, Monday night, and maybe eventually Thursday night TV ratings from now until sometime in January.

All hail the king.

In honor of real (i.e. professional) football’s return, today’s open thread has to do with sports shows. What great (or awful) sports related shows do you remember, love, miss, or despise?

Friday Night Lights comes to mind immediately; everyone said it was great, but I never watched it. What about Phenom, the crappy early 90s sitcom about a high school girl/future tennis star? Or Arliss, that show on HBO years ago about a stuck up sports agent?

For some reason, I look back rather fondly on Playmakers, ESPN’s brief (and maybe only?) foray into original scripted programming. It focused on a bunch of misfit football players on some fictional pro-team; a few of them were drug-addicts, steroid users, or just generally violent jerks. Most of the other details of the show have faded into the mists of time for me, but I do remember enjoying it as a guilty pleasure while it was around. Turned out, it wasn’t for long. Rumor has it that the NFL, upset that anything associated with ESPN could possibly show football players (even if they were imaginary) in a negative light, called up the network and had them kill the project.


So, dear readers, what sports-related shows do you remember?


3 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Sports Shows!

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one to think this one, but I immediately turn to Sports Night. Not about the sports specifically, but about the news group reporting about them. Great cast, and another fast-talking smart series. Definitely recommend it.

    And kudos for mentioning Phenom. Cracks me up that you, too, remember that.

    As for worst, this is really just a TV episode. Does anyone remember that awful Full House episode where Michelle is playing soccer and kicks the ball in the wrong goal. It was during the years where the show revolved around her, even though she wasn’t cute? Uggh. Awful.

  2. One Tree Hill was kind of a sports show when it first started. Yes, it was about two totally brothers and their lives but basketball was like another character in the early seasons of the show. Nearly every epsiode centered around a game or practice for the Tree Hill Ravens.( As you can see I am one of those people who have been watching OTH since the pilot. ) Although the show has changed no and the emphasis on sports has toned down I still consider its early days a sports-related show.

    And let’s not forget “Blue Mountain State” a completely hilarious show about college football players on SPIKE TV which is about to start its third season.

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