Thursday Open Thread: We Need Questions!

If you couldn’t tell by the sudden bombardment of posts here on Raked, we’re doing our best to get back on track after the summer lull. There may be nothing to watch right now (except Alphas, which is great), but fall is right around the corner, and we’re trying to get our writing juices flowing.


Anyway, as a little bit of prep work for the upcoming fall season, I want your ideas. What are some open thread topics or questions you want to see here on Raked? What questions are burning in your mind, and what do you want other readers and fans to comment on?

Sure, the team here at Raked could continue to think of questions — and we will — but we have no idea what you want to hear about, so let us know! Use this open thread to help us plan future open threads. And hey, if we use yours, you just might get a super-special Raked shoutout.

And we all know those are hard to come by. We’re a selfish little group.

So let us know — in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: We Need Questions!

  1. How about underutilized genres? Back in the old days, many shows were set in the Wild West. This fell out of style until Deadwood a couple of years ago, and now it looks like a number of networks have western themed shows in the works right now. Or overused genres? I swear, if I see another doctor drama or police procedural, I’m going to scream; I don’t care if your cop has a perfect memory, it’s still not different enough!

  2. Some of these may have already been used, but what about:

    What characters would you be friends with (or not friends with?
    Most shocking/surprising scene of the week?
    Which reality (competition) show would you be on?
    Which show is most like your life?
    Which character are you most like?

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