Hannah Montana: The Next Robin Sparkles?

Earlier this week, I caught the final few minutes of The Hannah Montana Movie on Disney Channel. Now, I had seen the movie before. (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that), but I hadn’t seen it since Hannah Montana Forever signed off in January. So watching Miley tell all of Crowley Corner who she really was, only to don the wig again reminded me of when Miley Stewart really told the world — and the aftermath.

Well, loosely, the aftermath. There was a backlash of fans, and then she did one concert. Then…what? Nothing. She got an offer to do a movie, which she eventually turned down to go to college with Lily. Basically, she told Hannah Montana — and her singing career — good-bye. Miley Stewart was now only plain Jane Miley Stewart. I mean, not even her classmates at school knew who she was.

In other words, Miley became a former teen pop star. Sure, from time to time, she might’ve gotten recognized, but from that point on, Miley was just, well, Miley.

Now, I don’t want you to get confused here. I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus, taking off the wig and no longer doing a TV show. I’m talking the character Miley Stewart and her life without the blonde wig. It reminds me of a certainly other former teen popstar I know. That’s right, good ol’ Robin from How I Met Your Mother.

You’d think that the only thing HIMYM and the Disney Channel would have in common was the striking resemblance between Ted’s future son and Justin Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. But no. As it turns out, Hannah could easily have been Robin in another life.

Yes, I may be basing this on little information, and no, I don’t think Miley Stewart will be anchoring the New York City news desk any time soon, but it is rather humorous. Two bubbly blondes in denim, poofy skirts, and sparkles dancing around to silly pop music. Ok, so sure, some of that music is catchy and might appear on my ipod, but still, it’s rather silly. But hey, who doesn’t want to go to the mall or do the ice cream freeze or put on your old blue jeans?

And you can only imagine that Miley would look back in embarrassment at certain times of her life as a celebrity. Sure, she had some good times, but there were some ridiculous ones, too. She may not have gone mall to mall to perform, but she did have a sweating attack on live television, a huge zit on a billboard, and a ridiculous brawl during an awards show. Hey, at least she didn’t share the same name as her doppelganger (I look to you, Robin).

In the meantime, it’s nice to think about the humiliating future ahead for Miley Stewart and we can always remember the good times. Just think. One day, she’ll look back at this video…

…and remember it like this one.


1 thought on “Hannah Montana: The Next Robin Sparkles?

  1. Wow, they really do look alike in those pictures at the top… It’s interesting, I wonder how she will look back at her early stardom ten or fifteen years from now. I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I think I read an interview with Tiffany once where she said she was embarrassed by the songs and videos she made when she was a kid sensation.

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