Back-to-School Recap Review: Rory Goes to Yale

GILMORE GIRLS: 4.02 “The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale”

Despite being in New Jersey for “Hurricane” Irene with no power, I couldn’t help but watch some Gilmore Girls. Fortunately, through the awesome nature of JC, I just recently got a portable DVD player for my birthday, so while I couldn’t access the internet or, you know, a light switch, I could watch one of my favorite co-eds move into her dorm room.

Of course, I’ve seen the episode before. And it’s a good one to rewatch. Especially now as people are heading back to school. After all, why not align a Recap Review with the times? We already did with an open thread.

I really should recap the first three episodes of season four together. After all, the season opener was really when Rory discovered that she was moving in a mere two days, and the third episode featured her first day of classes, or “shopping week,” as they so nerdily call it. (By the way, I seriously doubt that Russian Economics was a bust, despite what one of Rory’s colleagues yelled as he hurried down the dorm room hall. Nor do I think Rory — or any freshman — could get into Japanese Literature in their freshman year at school. Those electives are usually for upperclassmen.)

Anyway, we’ll focus on Rory’s move-in day, which I was pleased to see was a lot more humorous than I remember. The best part was the fact that Luke really played a large role in the episode, not in his dealings with his divorce, but in his interaction with Lorelai and his truck. The banter on the truck and the mattress were fantastic, and overall, I just enjoyed it.

Rory was Rory in her usual tunnel-vision fashion, and Lorelai’s excitement was the great counterbalance to that. After all, Lorelai never went to an ivy league school with her own dorm room. This was her first exposure as much as it was Rory’s. So Lorelai’s small reminders to enjoy herself and actually experience walking into her dorm room for the first (well, technically second) time was nice.

So was the mother/daughter good-byes. It all seemed too easy to just drop her off, and we know that Lorelai would have a pretty heavy empty-nest syndrome (the final scene was a great one). My own experience at being dropped off at my undergrad for the first time was not nearly as strong as Rory’s, so it was refreshing to see her freak out and ask her mom to come back. The dorm suite that Rory was to live in may not have been all too realistic, but the feelings around leaving home behind certainly were.

But it wasn’t all mattresses, trucks, and homesickness. I loved seeing Lorelai ordering everything in delivery distance. In fact, if I had unlimited funds, I’d love to do that myself one day. She certainly got along with the other girls, but in good “mom” fashion still had that moment where she embarrassingly tried to sing in a hair brush that no one else wanted to. It was a good first night at Yale that really acquainted Rory with people, and it was fun.

Other thoughts? Paris and Tawney were a joy to watch interact, and ultimately, I loved Tawney in these few first impressions that we got. I really would never order Mexican food for delivery, though I adore it (wouldn’t everything just slide around?), and sorry, Lorelai, I’d never order the cheese quesadilla. I can make that on my own.

And the disco ball? Yeah, Rory was right. She probably didn’t need that, party or not.


4 thoughts on “Back-to-School Recap Review: Rory Goes to Yale

  1. Ugh, this is one of my LEAST fav eps! Besides thw awesome truck banter (which will never not be funny), I found this to be one of the first episodes with new, awful, spoiled Rory and it drove me nuts. She can’t stay in her dorm room alone for the first night? Weird. She can’t make friends without her mommy? Lame. I think I don’t hate this epsiode, I just kind of hate Rory… Yale was the beginning of the end of the Rory we loved…

  2. I do agree that Rory becomes someone I don’t like, but in the first few episodes, I don’t mind her. I actually thought it strange that Lorelai stayed the entire night (forgot to mention that the howling was weird), but then again, that’s the duo that they are, so I let it slide.

    Now, if we talked about the furniture and stereo equipment that Rory gets in the next episode, talk about spoiled.

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