Belated Open Thread: Weather Disasters

I’ll keep this short and sweet, now that most of you are running, much like you would from Godzilla, from Hurricane Irene. I, however, laugh at the face of hurricanes! Mauh-ah-ah-ah!

Anyway, with Hurricane Irene and the recent earthquake, it’s got me thinking about a lot of TV episodes that surround disasters in weather. There are a lot. Whether it’s being snowed in or otherwise, it’s a fun little plot twist to add to the lives of ordinary characters. Plus, remember that flood in ER way back when, and Clooney saved the kid, and it’s the most iconic photo of ER ever?

Yeah, see? Weather can do a lot for a show. You don’t always need huge accidents or bombs in your chest to get your point across (I’m looking at you, Grey’s).

So what’s your favorite bad-weather episode?

A couple come to mind, but I’m going to have to go with How I Met Your Mother‘s “Three Days of Snow.” The episode in and of itself was funny, but the ending was the icing on the cake. Marshall and Lily spent the episode discussing how they didn’t need the practice of picking each other up from the airport anymore–and bringing back beer– and as the episode went on, you realize how much they missed that little stuff. So Marshall surprised Lily with picking her up at the airport…and a marching band.

Oh, I wish I could have found the video for this one. I love it. It’s fantastic. And here’s a picture.

What’s your pick? Think about it as you’re holding down the fort against Irene, and let us know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Belated Open Thread: Weather Disasters

  1. I can never forget the episode of the Sopranos titled “Pine Barrens.” Chris and Paulie take a Russian mobster out to the New Jersey pine barrens to kill him. The Russian escapes, even though it looks like Paulie shoots him in the head while he flees. Paulie and Chris spend the entire episode wandering around in a snow covered forest, getting completely lost and eventually hiding in an abandoned van. Tony and another guy eventually find them the next day before they freeze to death.

    They never found the Russian, and we never really know what happened to him.

  2. A few episodes come to mind…First, Full House. There’s an episode where they are traveling for Christmas and a huge snowstorm hits preventing them from getting home (i think?). Anyway, Michelle is worried that Santa won’t find them and when they wake up Christmas morning, surprise, surprise, presents (and their luggage) are on the conveyor belt. I like this one because not only is it cheesy, but it’s about Christmas!

    Another favorite is during the first season of Dawson’s Creek. I think it’s the first season…I think they have a hurricane, actually! And it comes out that Dawson’s mom is having an affair with her co-star on her news channel!!

  3. I entirely remember that episode of Full House. Because doesn’t Santa send some message over someone’s 1980s computer that’s like, “Merry Christmas” and a picture of his face? It’s like so generic and old it’s hilarious.

    And someone falls asleep on the conveyor belt and wakes up with snow all over them.

    I, too, have forgotten where they were headed, by the way.

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