Earthquake? Learn from Saved by the Bell

Earthquakes are a scary thing. I think in the past few years, we’ve found this out. But today’s earthquake proved no injuries major injuries or extensive damage, at least according to CNN, so I feel I can have a little fun with it.

I don’t have much room to talk about the earthquake; I should make that known right off the bat. The quake did shake all the way up to Boston, and JC can tell you that it wasn’t so fun. I spoke with a friend a mere two hours away from DC, and she was just as shaken (pardon the pun). She got much more of the tremors, and she just didn’t know what to do. So I naturally asked:

Did you get in a doorway? Don’t you watch Saved by the Bell?

That’s right. In times of crisis, I turn to pop culture. My friend did, in fact, know of the famous Saved by the Bell episode that I was talking about, where Tori experienced her first earthquake at Bayside. It all started when they had an earthquake drill in the classroom, where everyone had to dive under their desks. Apparently, Tori forgot California was on a fault line and was mighty freaked out.

And, of course, as with all TV, we jumped to an actual earthquake pretty damn quick. I forget what everyone was doing at the time, but I do recall Lisa and her bangs running to a doorway. Slater, who (of all things) was only in a towel, also ran for a doorway. And Belding and Screech hid under Belding’s desk. And of course, Tori, Zack, and Mrs. Belding were in the elevator.

Ok, so I’d be pretty freaked if I was in an elevator during an earthquake, too, let alone if one of my party was about to have a baby.

But anyway, in this one episode, I learned a lot, mainly because of Tori’s freakout:

  • Head for a doorway or hide under a desk. I imagine the doorway is a better idea. Lockers (and other things, I’d would guess) fall. You should be out of the way. This is the case, even if you have no underthings on. Fortunately, Bayside had big towels.
  • Elevators have emergency stop modes. This could be a good or bad thing.
  • Have an emergency earthquake kit on hand. I think Tori’s had some nasty sausages (maybe that was another sitcom), as well as a first aid kit and some canned goods.
  • Helmets indoors don’t hurt.

Overall, one of the weaker episodes (pretty much any episode with Tori in it was a bad one), but on days like today, it also serves as a PSA. Plus, you got to learn Lamaze breathing, too!

As an interesting side story, when I met Dustin Diamond in the early 2000s, I remember overhearing a fan trying to quiz him on which floors Mrs. Belding and the crew were stuck between in the elevator. They got in an argument about it because she wouldn’t believe she was wrong (or he wouldn’t). Either way, it was mildly entertaining.


2 thoughts on “Earthquake? Learn from Saved by the Bell

  1. I also thought of this episode yesterday! When I was leaving work, I took the elevator and thought “what if there are after shocks and I get stuck on this?”! There was one other person on the elevator with me, who was not pregnant. šŸ™‚ I can laugh about it now because luckily nothing happened and no one got hurt.

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