Central Time: What the Hell?!

You probably noticed a slight void on Raked for the last few days. And that’s not only because a lot of our summer shows have just finished up their summer season. A good part of that is that I just took a trip (for non-Raked work) to San Antonio. You know, the home of cowboy boots and the Alamo.

Given that it was a work trip, I didn’t have much time to watch TV. For the most part, I was stuck with syndicated reruns of King of Queens, lord help us all. But those times that I could, I did try to get back to my hotel in time to watch some primetime. This all leads me to ask:

How do you central timers do it?!

The central time zone is nothing new to me. I understand that it’s an hour behind, and I’ve seen enough “8/7c” tags to understand that TV is shown at the same time there as it is here, in the eastern time zone, so technically, they’re watching primetime starting at 7:00. But, um, how?!

I mean, first of all, there’s dinner. I was working until about 5:00 every day, and then I’d come back, take a shower (San Antonio is HOT), and then head out for dinner. Well, by the time I sat down, it was about 7:00. Shows have started. Fortunately for me, many of my shows that I wanted to watch over a dull weekend started at 9/8c. Well, this still didn’t help. Sure, on Friday, when I was hauling boxes around an exhibit hall and too tired to find real food, I was tucked into my room watching Say Yes to the Dress at 8:00 on the dot.  But come Sunday, I actually had dinner plans. I completely missed both episodes of Leverage because, well, a girl has got to eat.

Do you all watch TV while eating? Is that what happens?

Ok, let’s say you watch TV when it airs, though. Somehow, you settle in and watch TV at 7:00. Well, my usual 10/9c shows ended at 10:00 central time. Usually, shows that air at 10/9c are my cue to close up the night and get ready to sleep when they’re done. My night was over at 10:00. I was actually asleep by 10:30. Now, don’t get me wrong. This certainly helped me get up for work at 8:00 in the morning, but I felt incredibly lame. I should be doing something. Maybe the central timers all hop in cabs and hit the town? I’m not sure.

What do you do after 10:00?

It was all just so jarring. I’m not sure I could get accustomed to my primetime starting (and ending) early. But I’m curious to hear from some real central timers. Tell me your TV strategy. I want the hidden wisdom.


One thought on “Central Time: What the Hell?!

  1. Ha, us Central-timers rely heavily on the magic of DVR. And most us do watch TV while we eat dinner (at least during the week). As for post-10:00 activities, I’m the wrong person to ask. I wake up suuuuper early for work, so it’s great for me that our shows end early and I can hit the sheets.

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